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The Innsider (Strategies)
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Topic Subject:I need help with resources please!!!!!
posted 05-17-09 10:46 AM EDT (US)         
i am haveing trouble keeping up with online player in the resource department , i have only had the game a couple of weeks , i under stand the building of farms etc , but am i build to fast too soon, should i use lumber mills early , are out posts really important ?, if so when i go to find them i just get slaughtered. its driving me wild, some players have like 3 or 4 heroes 8 mins in and an army too , wat am i doing wrong!!!!!!!, i have read your build strats and try them but my resource still dont go up as fast as others , any help would be much appreciated.
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posted 05-17-09 11:42 AM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
hi EGGBAMYASI, as you probably already found out, resources are very important. generally a player will start by building 2 resource producers (farms, mines, furnace, etc) and then build a unit producer (normally a barracks of some kind) followed by another resource producer.
are out posts really important ?
yes, they give you 65 additional resources (can someone confirm this), so they are basically 3 farms combined into 1 structure, try to secure outposts or at least destroy them to deprive your opponent of the resources.
should i use lumber mills early?
NO, lumber mills are only good late game when you have run out of safe space to expand, they give 1/2 the resources of a normal farm (10 resources for a level 1 mill).
some players have like 3 or 4 heroes 8 mins in and an army too
Battle For Middle Earth 2 is a very fast paced game, 8 minutes is already considered mid to late game depending on how experienced you are. Additionally, this game is very rush based; your first swordsmen unit is almost always sent to raid enemy farms.

Join me and many others on RotWK patch 2.02 and enjoy the game in its most balanced form ever.

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posted 05-17-09 12:50 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
mayb you do not build them at high % :P
just a thought

always expand btw, you can't run the whole game so to say on only those first 2 farms, so continue buildign them :P

one of these reasons is the reason you don't get lots of rscources i think. Anywasy cant think fo something else.

You also can try 4 farm, and 3 farm stategies.
They especialy used with isengard:
Rax=Uruk pit
UW=Uruk Warrios
X-bow= crosbow
pikes= uruk pikes

3furnace BO:

F,F,F,W-pit/Rax,UW/Wargs than anoter funace and a Rax or Warg-pit

4furnace BO

F,F,F,F,Warg-pit, Rax, Wargs, UW
(can also do 2 rax)

gives a better economy
never do 4 furn against dwarves
always do 4 furn against elves since thye normally creep and dont attack imediately

but you can do this strategie with all factions,
its just most effective with isengard!

i have recently heard fo a 4 SH (slaughter house) nazgul, 2 tavern BO or something like it against elves
But that kinda undeeded i think, you pwn elves anyway with corsairs, w/h the Bo is ^^

i think 4 furn 2 taverns is better, and later the nazgul

i have recently played a guy who does only 4 farm strategies vs all factions

i am doing it too in 50% of my games

just remember, dont try this against dwavres, and also
farm,rax,farm quick rush strategies can be dangerous when using this 4 fram strategy, so you may prefr the 3 farm one
hope this helped!

gl and hf

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posted 05-17-09 02:18 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
Thanks for the replys guys , im gonna try the info you gave me , its good to know its a fast played game , i guessed it was but didnt realise how fast!!!!! i will master this bad boy,
one more thing once i have built the farms etc u descirbed do i wait to build more or just keep building and building constantly , or build up my army to full command points avalible with those amount of farms? sorry my questions are so newbieish ,its just i bought the game played the computer and my bro online network, and thought i was pretty dam good , untill i played online and relised just how god dam crap i really was lol !!!!!!!!
posted 05-17-09 02:33 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
always continue building recource buildings

if you read my post, you see: always expand

you may not know but expanding = building recource buildings :P


however you should also constanly make units (unless you are
saving for somehting or when your on cp limit ofc, or you need to quickly rebuild very damaged economy wih can't support a constant unit flow or w/h, idk but mosly your rax's schould not be idle) you make those furnaces when you have money left from the unit training
and once you have a good income, you can build more pb's (prodution buildings), hero's, fort upgrades or go for upgrades (for units).

futher always retreat damaged lvl2 units, thye can heal. Thsi saves you a battalion and so also money

cant think of anything else atm

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posted 07-04-09 11:00 AM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
Build orders are overrated, you have to adjust according to what your and your enemies strategy is.
posted 08-22-09 07:42 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
No you are wrong
In more than one way
1st there is your argument of adjusting to your enemys strategy? The thing is that different BO's counter other BO's. Further, how older the game gets how more it has been so to say studied. Good ways to beginn have been proved to be good and bad ways have been proved to be bad. In BO's the good ways are put down, ofcourse there are bad Bo's, you need to look out from where you get them, but anyway my point is, if you do something not according to some BO, than your are actually doing something totaly new and crazy, and prolly it won't work. And unless you know the game really well you should not try new things, but first lear the basics, the Bo's, and wich bo is to be used vs wich bo.
Now is that in this game not all that important, it a relatavaly easy game, and it hasn't much strategy in it, so you can actually have just a BO for each MU, some who are good for more than 1 MU, that will work in almost any situation. Ofc. you can adjust if someone does something strange, new, unexpected, but basicly you folow the BO. Its just your basic thing and strategy that you already have for you before the game begins, in the game you adjust and change what is needed. However that wont be much, in this game.
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