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Topic Subject:Adding a New Faction?
Rhunian Blade
posted 01-29-07 00:07 AM EDT (US)         
I want to create my own faction, and could use some help in terms of questions answered.

1) The difficulty of creating your own faction?
(I create mods for Morrowind/Oblivion, so I am somewhat experienced)

2) Is it possible to add Create a Hero's as a permenant member of a faction? If so, how?
(Basically want to shortcut modelling heroes and use CAH I make in the game)
[Note: I noticed in the CAH's ini in My BFME2 documents, that they state something like head: CAH part 7, body: CAH part 2 etc. Could I use that?)

3) Is it possible, to say, take just the flagbearer of a battalion, and make that into a battalion in itself? (i.e. Mirkwood archer banner carriers look cool, I want a battalion of those)

4) Overall difficulty and learning curve of mastering the FinalBIG tool to accomplish this?

(id: Ancalagon_4554)
posted 01-29-07 05:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Welcome to BFME2 Heaven!

1) Well, it depends on what kind of faction this is going to be: if it's going to include new models, it's complicated. If it doesn't, it's relatively easier, but by no means easy. I'd look to The 3rd Age.

2) Let me tell you what you can do with the Create-A-Hero. You can make one available at all times for a faction, but if you do that, you change the hero. I've never tried to model CAH's. They're the most difficult things to understand in INI. Supposedly JBV knew how to do that, but I'm not so sure.

3) Yeah, this is possible, but it'll take a bit of work. Look at the hordecontain module for the horde. You'll probably need to create a new horde. I'm just beginning to understand them...

4) FinalBIG is easy to use. It just takes about 2-3 weeks (for me) to learn about everything. I'd download a few of JBV's maps. (download off this site)

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