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Topic Subject:A Large Mod Idea
posted 12-03-10 04:56 PM EDT (US)         
I am afraid to say I have no skills with proper modding,
and all I ask is that somebody/somebodies takes this idea forwards.

The major change would be:
Each faction will have two subfactions.
The subfaction will rely on it's OWN builder.
---the builder could be built from the main faction's fortress like a fire drake or eagle

The factions could Then be:

Men (Gondor)

Elves (Lorien)

Dwarves (Erebor)
---Blue Mountains
---Misty Mountains

Mordor (Mordor)

Goblins (Misty Mountains)
---White mountains
---Blue Mountains

Isengard (Isengard)

Angmar (Angmar)
---Carn Dum

These subfactions should be used to create more powerful units (Harad etc.), or more spammable units (Gundabad etc.)

Other Major Changes i'd include would be

each subfaction changes the overall play style of the faction.

There would be many more units. But it must not get crowded; the subfactions should have 2-4 buildings extra, no fortress, no forge (upgrades would be the same throughout entire faction) No battle tower. Perhaps goblins of the blue mountains might get some form of mud-wall, and harad it's own wall. The buildings should generally be units production buildings.

Heroes will remain similar, but certain changes should take place in a few heroes; Haldir needs to be minorly improved, Thranduil's stealth should be fixed (unless it's just a problem I have)

Other general changes i'd make would be to reduce the effectiveness of pikes vs buildings, still effective, but not as effective. Please post if you have any other ideas, or would like to help develop this.

Id also like a New campaign, which I CAN work on

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