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Topic Subject:RJ-RotWK 1.05.06
posted 12-12-08 05:31 PM EDT (US)         
This is a question concerning to the thread "RJ-RotWK 1.05.06 is released!"

Here's the story.
I was googling images of Rotwk the other day when suddenly I noticed some lorien archers wearing stunningly beautiful armor.
Turned out it was a patch of pure gold for Rotwk, called "RJ-RotWK". I never heard of it before but got curious and downloaded it.


As impressed as I am with the patch, still these questions remain...

In the original thread, there are links to short videos showing the blue wizards and their powers (Morinehtar's level 10 blinding light, his illusion spells and Romestamo's level 10 rock formation spell to name a few).
I was completely blown away by this magnificent action and wanted to kick ass with them.

Well, I've played MotE, and my Blue wizards both don't have ANY powers. None at all. And the powers don't appear out of nowhere all of a sudden when the wizards level up either.
On a side note, there is another melee hero for MotE that doesn't possess any power either.

The weird thing is, some of my Mordor Nazgul didn't show their special level 10 power (oddly enough, other Nazgul did have it). I found out that when they died and are revived, their level 10 power shows correctly! Unfortunately this doesn't work for the blue wizards.

Is there any reason that my blue wizards don't have powers (for example, do I still play with an "old" version of the mod and is there a place to find the most recent one?)Do other people who still play this mod have the same problem? Is there a way to solve it? It's driving me crazy.

Thank you guys so much for any help you can give me on this!
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