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Topic Subject:Quick WB Questions
posted 12-04-08 11:16 PM EDT (US)         
I'm new to WB, and only want to use it to make maps for pen and paper RPG.

My shadows have disappeared - no objects cast them, though both shadow options under View are checked, and I have my card/settings at 32 bit. (Lighting set at morning.) Any ideas?

Also, is it possible to view a full screen of the map in WB, without the Object Props box?

Printing - can I send just the created map to PDF, or a portion of the screen? Right now it's not giving me the option to print.

I'm currently using screen capture to get my images, then working with the map in Photoshop. It works, but I'm wondering if there's another way to get higher quality images.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
posted 12-05-08 11:00 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Shadows: You have to set your LOD to Ultra-High. But in 1.06 some object shadows don't seem to work in the editor anymore so :S

Fullscreen: Scroll out a lot. Also increasing the Focal Lenght in Edit > Camera Options is useful, so that the zoom is maximum and the map looks "isometric" (like in baldur's gate, etc) instead of a perspective view. For the object box just move it outside of the screen with your mouse.

Printing: My guess is that the printing option is for the heightmap only (the program isn't smart to get a full sized map, make the right camera angle, and print away!), so it won't be useful for you.

Higher-Quality: If you want great resolution, the only way I can think of is increasing Focal Lenght to maximum, and then taking several screenshots of each location and join them together (since they won't have a focal perspective they can be joined seamlessly).

Ps: Wouldn't it be much easier to just get a map from goggle images or something? :P
posted 12-05-08 04:21 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Thanks, Crusard!

I've already been zooming out and capturing screens - just wondering if there was an easier way - other than getting images from Google Middle-earth... ;-)

Also, since I'm new to WB, maybe yooz guyz can help with a couple more Q's.

Why, when rotated or placed, do some large objects, like Minas Tirith, turn yellow? Is there a full MT model without the purple levels and buildings, or can I break that model into its individual parts? I can work around that by cutting and pasting in Photoshop, but if there's already a complete model I'd rather work from it (or from an official EA map).

One last thing - I've looked in my folders to open the EA maps, but can't find them anywhere. Are they not available to be opened?

Thanks for all the help - with some tinkering and your suggestions I've figured out a lot of things.

I'm such a noob, and a goob...
posted 12-06-08 11:40 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Most files of the game are packed within the ".big" files that are in the main folder. For maps, it's maps.big.
You need this tool in order to open and extract anything from them.

Yellow objects: For some reason, placing an object near the edges of the map will make them yellow in the editor, but they show up normally ingame. You can try making your map bigger to avoid this graphically.

Purple objects: It happens with BFME 1 objects that don't have textures anymore on BFME 2 (You can't fix this). I think Minas Tirith worked just fine, you can open the map and print away.
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