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Topic Subject:Scripting help needed.
posted 10-27-08 01:59 PM EDT (US)         

as you can read on our mod (in the signature),
we now in need of help on AI.
we believe that each help we get should be recognized, so we promiss not to forget you.

1) is there a way to import bfme1 units into bfme2?
we really liked teh elves that switch weapons.
2) if we put ents as player, denied them of building anything BUT ents on the entmoors (at fanghorn), and want to do:
make them friends of player 1, 2 (m.tirith & h.deep)
make the players able to recruit units from other player's building.
is it possible?
3)AI tutorials, or: how do we make the PC run through 10 routs of attack, where mordor is at top left, osgiliath at the middle, minas tirith top right. we need to make:
a) inner & outer perimiters and make sure the PC acts like he supposed to
b) make the "combat zone" basically the whole map BESIDE inside castles zones and make sure he actually captures osgiliath and other forts
c) is it possible to make a trigger area around helm's deep, run a script to check if player X has no units there and if he hasn't, try to actually use the inner & outer perimiter like he just took over the place, raise defences, put guards on walls etc?
4) we need to make the PC actually enable the building of siege towers and siege ladders at both isengard and mordor - how do we do that, AND make it follow waypoints?
( the idea is having a few siege buildings making siege weapons, following some waypoints and have about 10-20 different places to attach it to, so player will not know the same spots everytime)
5) units - which is better, for anti lag reasons:
changing the number of units in a horde, or raising the CP?
the goal is a lot of armies, but we do not wish it to lag the game - the last attampt was horrible.
6) improving instructions for enemy units:
we have a player called rhun. it's base is just mumakil tents, which produce...candies. denied by fortress.
we thought of the following workflow: after it produces mumakils, and is instructed to send them at the groups of 10 to the battlefield, how do you make the mumakil use the "charge" over enemies, when it encounter them?
a familiar scenario: rohan arrives, rohan is scattered, rohan is charging. mumakil meets rohan. mumakil need to charge to destroy them. mumakil do not know how to charge when encountered enemy. they only attacks the usual way, even on brutal.

so far for now - please help us.

Epics Team prowdly presents: the wars of the three eras:,1513,,10
Might Of Grond
posted 11-02-08 07:55 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
You guys sound pretty professional, but I think I can help. I have no links or tutorials but I have spent an amount of time on worldbuider and ini enough for me to aquire an understanding of the worldbuilder program.

If you want siege towers to deploy at random locations it is best to add them to a team and instruct them, through the scripts menu to deploy their siege ramps within a radius; this usually is random as i found out with my minas tirith map.

As for the garrisoning defences in helms deep if it is captured, that is also possible but takes some time: IF player_1 has units in area Helms Deep, actions if false unit mordor archers 1 follow waypoint path 1.???

Also you could set the units stance to defensive once they have reached the wall and the tickbox labeled disable script after success should be unticked.

trouble is though, if you want the archers to stay put unless there are enemies within range it is probably best that you put the units into sleep mode on the wall (so that the AI overlooks them and doesn't do anything with them)until the enemy is inside a trigger area then "the general attitude" of the archers could then be set to normal until there are no enemy units in the trigger area etc.

"request unit Mumakil use special power charge on unit rohirrim" haven't checked it but thats more or less how it woud be written

sorry it's all a bit long-winded but I hope I can be of help?!?

Your mod sounds great by the way, good luck!! (:]
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