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Topic Subject:Wall Mod poll for version 1.1
posted 03-17-06 06:29 AM EDT (US)         
Hi all, I was hoping for some feedback on the wall mod I have posted in the files section. Over 150 people have downloaded it now, but I've only gotten 1 emailed feedback and nothing in writing. I'm working on a version 1.1 that will also include a few balance changes, and so I was hoping to hear from those of you whove tried it.

Do you think the walls and buildings are still too weak, about right, or too strong now?

Would you like to see certain damage types do more or less damage to structures than they do under the 1.0 version (Fire, Siege, swords, etc)?

Do you like the fact that I included the Elven Guard mod in it? (Because both mods change the ini file, they would otherwise be incompatible. I really like the Elven Guard, so I decided to include them).

Here are some of the other changes I have made and/or plan to make for version 1.1:

Include Troll Buddy's mod that lets monsters and lvl 2 units heal. (Again, since it mods the ini file, it would otherwise be incompatible). The good news about this is that it is easily reversable... simply by renaming the ini file, you can prevent the monsters and bannered units from healing but still retail all other changes in the mod! So those who prefer "hardcore" w/ no healing (as it currently is) can still use the rest of the mod, no problem.)

Reduce the cost of Spiderling's Poison Sac unit upgrade from 1000 research/1000 per unit to 1000 research/250 per unit, same as all other Goblin upgrades.

Balance Galadriel and Sauron a bit more: Currently, Sauron has 3x the health and does 2x the damage of Galadriel, even though both are Ring Heroes. I think that Sauron should be a bit stronger than Galadriel (simply because he's Sauron!), but I made them closer. Health is now 10,000 Sauron (down from 15,000) vs 8,000 Galadriel (up from 5,000) and damage is 1,250 for Sauron (down from 2,000) and 1,000 for Galadriel (unchanged).

Balance the health and cost of some walls and towers. Mordor can't occupy their tower with additional archers, which greatly reduces their effectiveness, so I reduced the cost to 400 gp. The Elves, Isengard, and Goblins all have mid-power defensive towers at 500 gp and 2000 health each. The Dwarves tower is somewhat stronger and more expensive (600 gp, 2400 health), and the Men's Battletower is the crowning achievement in defensive structures at 750 gp and 3000 health. Walls are similarly balanced with the cheaper walls of the Elves and Isengard have slightly less health (20%) than the more expensive walls of the dwarves and humans.

Numerous other small balance changes I felt were needed as I was looking through the stats...

Weakened the damage bonus of Silverthorn arrows for Mirkwood archers slightly.

Weakened the Dwarven Forged Blades slightly.

The radius of the Giant's stomp was increased by 50% (it was about the same size area as his Kick before, making it hardly special at all)

Decreased the damage of the attack troll's club (it was previously almost 3 1/2x the damage of the regular troll using a tree! I reduced it to just under double damage)

I reduced the amount of time it takes for heroes to wait to begin healing after leaving combat

Increased the health ot the Goblin King's totem (it was incredibly fragile before!)

Reduced the time between the Warg Sentry's attacks by 20% to make him a bit more formidable

Increased the hit % of the Corsair's firebombs to 30% from 20% and increased the damage a bit, etc.

So, let me hear your thoughts and I'll see what I can do!

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posted 03-17-06 09:45 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Well, I never download mods, so I can't help you here.

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*moved to Mods forum so all the modders can find each other*

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