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Topic Subject:Bellitor Mod
posted 03-14-06 09:40 PM EDT (US)         
I would have posted in mod section, but looks like no one checks it and I would love some feedback, so here it goes....

I love BFME2 as it is, so this is just my "dream" or ideal mod; I realzie it would never actually happen, but justed wanted to get these ideas out there:

Overall Changes

-Builder Battalion/Hordes - Builders are now battalions/hordes of five laborer units vice a single cart-pulling porter. Builder battalions can now also, in addition to build and put out fires, repair structures (for a small cost), fight (though they are very weak in attack) and can be upgraded with a new race specific tier one Palantir Power. Finally, for FoD, builder hordes also serve as lumber gatherers. Builder batts/hordes cost 500 and can be produced at fortresses, lumber mills, furnaces, slaughter houses, mallorn trees, mines, farms, and goblin tunnels.

-Elite Units – Each faction can now unlock an elite unit as a 15 PP ability; these units are limited to three per fortress that you own (so, if you have three fortresses, you can have 9 elite battalions, for example), are very expensive, and very powerful. However, they are not meant to replace heroes or be able to win the game by themselves, as they can still be countered if you don’t have any supporting forces. Basically, they provide a mid-to-late game edge to your army when all sides are reaching their pop caps.

-Building Veterancy – Upgrading to Level 2 buildings costs 500 and Level 2 buildings gain 25% more hps and produce units 25% faster. Upgrading to Level 3 buildings cost 1000 and Level 3 buildings gain 50% hps, a defensive arrow tower, and produce units 50% faster. This is to make leveling up unit-producing buildings more worthwhile and to give an actual incentive to upgrade buildings to level 3.

-Unit Veterancy/Banner Carriers – All units/heroes (including Ents, Treebeard, and siege now) except for Eagles and Fire Drakes (which start level 10) and, of course, Explosive Mines, would be able to gain veterancy now. Finally, instead of purchasing an upgrade for Banner Carriers, now all level 3 buildings automatically produce units with banners/level 2 units. This is the only way to get units to level 2 besides having them gain that rank through combat.

* All FoL factions would be able to recruit Dunedaine Rangers, a Dunedaine Hero Halbarad, and/or Create-a-Heros from Inns (no Hobbits/Men of Dale now). Dunedaine Rangers cost 800, candetect stealth, can switch between foot and mounted, and have Ranger Fury ability, which increases attack rate by 100% for short time. Halbarad costs 2400 and has ability to use sword or bow, mount horse, Leadership, summon Hawk ability (hawk increases LOS and reduces enemy armor to 75%), and Grey Company, which summons several Dunedaine Battalions.
*All FoD recruit Corsairs (no Wildmen now), a Corsair hero Bloodbeard, and/or Create-a-Heros from Inns. Corsairs cost 500 and are very powerful against buildings with their melee attack. Fire Bomb is now a special ability that must recharge after each use, but does very high fire damage. Blood Beard costs 1800 and has War Shout (temporary leadership), Great Fire Bomb, Black Fury (increases his armor and attack 80%) and Enforce Discipline (grant experience to allies) abilities.

-Sword Units – Currently, many sword units (Gondor Swordsmen, Lorion Warriors, Orc Warriors) etc. are not super useful, especially late game, so I would make them the only type of non-siege unit that is very strong against buildings in order to make them more valuable; pikes, archers, and to a lesser extent cavalry would become much less effective against buildings… this would also help the problem of how easily buildings die in the current game. Also, as you will notice below, I have added upgrades that improve the fighting abilities of many swordsmen type units.

-Wells/Hearths/Mirrors of Galadriel – In addition to healing troops, placing one of these near farm/mine/mallorn tree, respectively, increases the rate at which that resource building gains veterancy by 50%, thus causing them to level up faster and get their max production ability sooner; this is to compensate for FoL lack of something equivalent to FoD’s Lumber Mills, which can produce resources regardless of terrain/proximity to other resource buildings. Mirrors of Galadrial would be slightly better and cost 50% more, but heal units faster and increase rate of mallorn tree veterancy by 75%.

*Walls would cost 50% of current costs but would take twice as long to build; also, would only take damage from siege units (this includes Siege Hammered Guardians). Another change, walls, like all buildings, could be repaired quickly by workers for a small cost; if you don’t do this and they are left alone, then just like in current game they would start healing themselves after a while for no charge. *MOTW/Elves/Darves/Isengard get access to these “regular walls.” MOTW and Dwarves can further upgrade these wall segments to become stronger “walkable” walls like those from BFME2 for the same price as walls are currently (so, regular walls cost 50% of current game walls and fully upgraded “walkable walls” cost 150% of current walls). Troops can obviously be placed on walkable walls for defense (wall hups also serve as stairways for friendly troops). Additionally, walkable walls have increased hps and are the only walls that can be upgraded with defensive structures (i.e. catapults, towers, postern gates etc.). “Regular walls” can only be upgraded with normal Gates.

-Buildings - As mentioned above, regular buildings would take 75% less damage from archers and pikes and 50% less damage from cavalry than they do in the current game. Fortresses would take 75% less damage from archers, pikes, and cavalry and 25% less damage from swordsmen than they do in the current game.

-Goblin Scavenger upgrades – A change, all Goblin units that can get armor/weapon upgrades (Goblins/Marauders) do so by picking up weapons left by dead enemy. Think of it like the GLA in CNC Generals driving over crates left by dead enemies. Goblins can do this once they research Scavenged Blades and Scavenged Armor at the Treasure Trove; the advantage is that they can get upgrades for no cost… the disadvantage is that they must win a battle first to do it. If goblins are fully upgraded and they run over dead enemy’s gear, then they gain extra experience in addition to what they got for killing the enemy to begin with. Poison Blades and Poison Arrows are now upgrades that must be purchased.

Men of the West
New Palantir Powers
5 --- Draft – Makes MOTW builder batt cost 200 less and gain 100% armor/attack (actually not that much considering how weak their base armor/attack is) when fighting inside the radius of a friendly farm; good for early rush defense
10 --- Gandalf the White – Just like BFME1, makes Gandalf powers charge twices as fast; makes Gandalf a viable option early game now if you have the PPs to spend
15 --- Knights of Dol Amroth – Allows MOTW to produce up to three batts of elite Knights of Dol Amroth Cav per fortress they own. KoDA are the most powerful cavalry in the game but are 1200/Battalion; are very strong vs everything but pikes
25 --- Courage of Men – Grants a very large number of battalions tons of experience (will make most level 1 units into level units)

New Buildings/Units
L1- Gondor Swordsmen (200)
Gondor Archers (250)
L2-Tower Guards (600) – The only tier 2 pikes in the game; 75% higher armor/50% higher hps than Tower Guards in current game
Drill Upgrade (500) – All Gondor Swordsmen/Archer move 25% quicker and Swordsmen get access to Shield Wall ability (temporarily receive 50% less arrow damage); no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced from Barracks are level 2
Rohan Stable (the only Gondor Cavalry unit is now elite unit, Knights of Dol Amroth)
L1 - Rohan Warrior(600) – Strong Melee Cavalry (not as strong as current game; more like BFME1; better than KoG, but worse than Rohirrim in current game)
L2 - Rohan Archer(700) – Horse Archer with about BFME1 strength/power
L3 - Veterancy - All units produced from Stable are level 2
Siege Works
L1 -Trebuchet(1000)
L2 -Fire Stones(1000)
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced from Siege Works are level 2
Ranger Outpost (Stealthed building with very long LOS; good for covert observation)
L1 -Ithilien Rangers (500)
L2 -Longbows (1000) – Improve bow range and give Rangers Longshot Ability; no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced from Outpost are level 2
L1 -Forged Blades (1000)
L2 -Fire Arrows (1000)
Plate Armor (1200) – Slightly better protection than Heavy Armor
L3 -Horse Shield (1200) – Gives Cavalry additional armor
Iron Ore (2000) – Reduces costs of all Blacksmith upgrades on units by 50%

New Palantir Powers
10 --- Healers – Makes Elves builder batt able to heal armies like a mobile Well; good for keeping fragile/expensive Elven units alive (Enshrouding Mists is now 5 pps)
10 --- Health of the Valar – Increases the heal rate of Elven heroes
15 --- Lorion Guards – Allows Elves to produce up to three batts of elite Lorion Guards per fortress they own. Lorion Guards are the same as Elven Warriors from BFME1 (able to switch between bows and blades), but slightly more powerful and cost 1000/Battalion; are very strong vs everything but cavalry
25 --- Enchanted Armor – Like Glorious Charge, but affects all units, not just cavalry, and can be cast on a very large army.

New Buildings/Units
Elven Barracks
L1- Lorion Warrior (350)
Lorion Archers (350)
Mithlond Sentry (350)
L2 -Blade Master Upgrade (1200) – Lorion Warriors/Mithlond Sentries increase damage by 25% and Lorion Warriors have Blade Flurry ability which temporarily increases their attack rate by 50%; no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced from Elven Barracks are level 2
L1 -Rivendell Lancer (500)
L2 -Adept Rider Upgrade (500) – Increases speed of Rivendell Riders by 25%; no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced from Pasture are level 2
Ent Moot
L1 -Ents (1000)
L2 -Ent Fury Upgrade (1000) – Allows Ents to use Ent Fury ability, which temporarily increases their attack/movement by 25%; no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced from Ent Moot are level 2
Mirkwood Camp
L1 -Beorning (600) – A single, giant Man armed with an Axe; basically the Elves equivalent of an Attack Troll; strong vs swords, cavalry and buildings
L2 -Mirkwood Archer (800)
L3 -Bear Form Upgrade (1200) – Allows Beornings to use Bear Form ability, which temporarily turns them into a bear with higher hps and a meta attack; no individual unit upgrade necessary
Veterancy - All units produced from Mirkwood Camp are level 2
Eregion Forge
L1 -Elven Armor (1500) – Better than normal Heavy Armor
L2 -Elven Blades (1500) – Better than normal Forged Blades
L3 -War Barding (2000) – Increases armor of Rivendell Lancers significantly; makes them able to hold their own against other cavalry late game
Silverthorne Arrows (2000) –Better than Fire Arrows, but can’t light fires
New Palantir Powers
5 --- Dwarven Miners – Allows one Dwarven builder battalion to permanently garrison in a mine, which increases its hps by 50% and its production by 20%; allows the Dwarves to “turtle” better, but at a price (permanently lose a 500 cost builder; basically you now have a 800 cost Tunnel). To compensate, Dwarven Riches power only increases mine output by 200%, not 300%.
10 --- King Brand – Allows Dwarves access to a 4th hero, King Brand of Dale; he would be similar to Faramir, with arrow attacks, train allies, leadership for Men of Dale units nearby, and level 10 Bard’s Arrow ability, which does very high damage; basically, choosing to use PPs on this rounds out one of the Dwarves weaknesses.
15 --- Royal Guardians – Enables Dwarves to produce up to 3 elite Royal Guardian Batts per fortress they own; Royal Guardians are armed with a two-handed axe and costs 1000/Battalion; are very strong vs everything but archers
25 --- Grand Army – Summons 3 Battalions each of fully upgraded Guardians, Axe Throwers, and Phalanxs, plus 2 Battlewagons.

New Buildings/Units
Hall of Warriors
L1 -Guardians (400) – Doesn’t have Charge until Upgrade
Axe Throwers (400) – 25% less range but 50% higher attack than current game
Phalanx (450)
L2 -Dwarven Courage (1000) – Guardian/Axe Thrower/Phalanx increase hps and Guardians gain Charge ability; no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy - All units produced by Hall of Warriors are level 2
Dwarven Workshop
L1 -Battlewagon (500)
L2 -Iron Hills Catapult (800)
Demolisher (600) – Doesn’t gets Mithril Mail upgrade; gets Beast Armor instead
L3 -Oil Barrels (500) – Gives Battlewagons/Catapults powerful Oil Barrel ability; no individual unit upgrade necessary
Veterancy - All units produced by Workshop are level 2
Dale Trading Post
L1 -Men of Dale (500)
L2 -Fire Arrows (1000)
L3 -Trade Goods (1500) – Causes every Dwarven Fortress to produce 50 resources per cycle instead of 25 and adds another 25 resources for every Hall expansion created (so a Fortress with 6 Hall expansions would get 200 resources/ cycle)
Veterancy - All units produced by Trading Post are level 2
Forge Works
L1 -Forged Blades (1000)
Bearded Axes (1000) – Increases range of Axe Throwers by 25%
L2 -Beast Armor (1000) – Increases armor of Battlewagon and Demolishers
Siege Hammers (800)
L3 -Flaming Shot (1000)
Mithril Mail (2000) – Most powerful (and expensive) armor upgrade in the game

New Palantir Powers
5 --- Slave Drivers – Orc Worker Hordes would move, build, and repair 20% faster; good for early game expanding/late game repairing
10 --- Beckoning of Sauron – Mordor Heroes cost 20% less/build 20% faster
15 --- Mumakil – Allows Mordor to produce up to three Mumakils per fortress; Mumakils would cost 2000 and would be a bit stronger than they are in current game, but would be very strong against everything (including fire arrows) except for pikes
25 --- Call the Horde – Reduces costs of all Mordor units by 10% and makes all units created built instantly.

New Buildings/Units
Orc Pit
L1 -Orc Warrior (100)
Orc Archer (200)
L2 -Fire Arrows (1000)
L3 - Veterancy - All units produced by Orc Pit are level 2
Haradrim Palace
L1 -Easterling (400)
L2 -Haradrim Archer (500)
Rhun Charioteers (700) – Horde of 5 Chariots with high speed, medium armor/trample, and Javelin attack; strong vs archers, swordsmen
L3 -Chariot Blades (1000) – Greatly increasing Rhun Chariots trample damage
Veterancy - All units produced by Haradrim Palace are level 2
Troll Cage
L1 -Attack Troll (800) – Less expensive but a little less powerful than Attack Troll in current game; can be upgrade with Troll Armor to bring it up to the same Stats as Attack Troll in current game; no ranged attack
L2 -Drummer Troll (800) – Can now be upgrade with Troll Armor
L3 -Troll Armor (1600) – Increase Attack Troll/Drummer Troll Armor
Veterancy - All units produced by Troll Cage are level 2
Great Foundry
L1 -Siege Ram (400) – More hps than Demolisher, but weaker attack/armor
Rhun Blades (800) – Increase attack for Easterlings and Rhun Chariots
L2 -Catapult (500)
Siege Towers (600)
Rhun Armor (1200) – Better Armor than regular Heavy Armor for all units produced by Haradrim Palace
L3 -Fire Stones (1000)
Slave Trolls (1200) – Catapults/Siege Rams/Siege Towers gain trolls to operate them, move/attack 25% faster
Veterancy - All units produced by Great Foundry are level 2

New Palantir Powers
5 --- Forged Axes – Upgrades Orc Laborers with Forged Axes, which boosts productivity when chopping lumber and gives them a higher attack against enemy units
10 --- Wizard Craft – Like Gandalf the White for Saruman, halves recharge time for all his powers
15 --- Uruk Hunter – Allows Isengard to produce up to 3 Battalions of elite Uruk Hunters per Fortress it owns. Uruk Hunters are fast, can switch between bow and sword, and have very high hps (highest hps of any non cavalry archer unit in the game); they cost 1200/Horde and are very strong vs everything but Cavalry
25 --- To War! – Summons 3 Fully Upgraded Hordes each of Uruk Warriors, Uruk Crossbows, and Uruk Pikes, as well as 2 Ballistas.

New Buildings/Units
Uruk Pit
L1 -Uruk Warriors (300)
Uruk Crossbows (300)
Uruk Pikes (400)
L2 -Beserker (400)
L3 -Veterancy – All units produced by Uruk Pit are level 2
Warg Pen
L1 -Warg Rider (500) – No longer starts with Howl
L2 -Savagery (1000) – Gives Warg Riders 10% more speed and Howl ability; no individual unit upgrade necessary
L3 -Veterancy – All units produced by Warg Pen are level 2
Siege Works
L1 -Battering Ram (350)
Siege Ladder (250)
L2 -Explosive Mine (500)
Ballista (600)
L3 -Engines of Saruman (1000) – Ballistas move/attack 25% faster; no individual unit upgrade necessary
Veterancy – All units produced by Siege Works are level 2
Wildmen Camp
L1 -Wildmen (300)
L2 -Torches (800)
L3 -Veterancy – All units produced by Wildman Camp are level 2
Isengard Forge
L1 -Forged Blades (1000)
L2 -Heavy Armor (1000)
L3 – Fire Arrows (1000)

New Palantir Powers
5 --- Goblin Tunnelers - Makes Goblin builder hordes able to produce tunnels for half price; good for giving the Goblins an early economic boom
10 --- Bolhan – Enables Goblins to recruit a fourth hero, the powerful Moutain Giant Bolhan; costs 2000 and is to Mountain Giants what Treebeard is to Ents; has lvl 1 Stomp, lvl3 Massive Boulder, lvl 6 Giant Rage, and lvl 10 Summon Giants abilities.
15 --- Brutes – Allows Goblins to produce up to three elite Brute Hordes per Fortress they own; Brutes are Half-Troll Marauders on steroids and armed with a giant sword and club; they cost 1500/horde and are very powerful against everything but archers
25 --- Savage Frenzy – Temporarily movement 25% and attack rate 150% of large army

New Buildings/Units
Goblin Cave
L1 -Goblin Warriors (75) – No longer get Poisen Blades automatically
Goblin Archers (225) – No longer get Poisen Arrows automatically
L2 -Poisen Blades (600) – Gives Goblin Warriors a poison attack; no further unit upgrades necessary
L3 -Veterancy – All units produced by Goblin Cave are level 2
Spider Pit
L1 -Spiderlings (300)
L2 -Spider Riders (600)
Venom Sacs (800)
L3 -Veterancy – All units produced by Spider Pit are level 2
L1 -Half-Troll Marauders (450)
L2 -Cave Troll (500)
Mountain Giant (1000)
L3 -Wild Strength (1000) – Increases Cave Troll hps by 25%; no further unit upgrades are required
Veterancy – All units produced by Fissure are level 2
Warg Den
L1 -Black Wargs (800) – Pack of 5 giant Wargs (no riders) that are strong vs cav
L2 -Predators (1500) – Increase Black Wargs attack/hps by 25%; no further unit upgrades are required
L3 -Veterancy – All units produced by Warg Den are level 2
Treasure Trove
L1 -Scavenged Blades (1000) – Allows units to get blades from enemy dead for free
L2 -Goblin Thief (300) – Single, weak Goblin who is stealthed and can steal funds from resource building; is revealed for several seconds while stealing
Scavenged Armor (1000) – Allows units to get armor from enemy dead free
L3 -Poisen Arrows (1200) – No fire damage, but adds more damage over time
Treasure Horde (1500) – Grants Goblins 50 resources per cycle for every Fortress Burrow Expansion

Heroes -Aragorn – Costs 2500 now, but base attack/movement rate is increased by 25% over current game; at Level 5 he gains Anduril and gets 50% permanent attack increase
-Faramir – Instead of Captain of Gondor he gets Ambush, which temporarily gives 100% damage increase/25% range increase to nearby archer units
-Theoden – Increased price to 2000 and gets level 10 ability, Royal Guard, which summons three Battalions of Royal Guard Rohirrim (very high hps and can switch between bow and spear)
-Eowyn – Has level 2 Lady of Rohan ability, which gives additional leadership to any nearby Worker Battalions; Shieldmaiden is now level 10 ability and gives her a permanent 75% armor upgrade
-Gandalf – No change except gets Gandalf the White through a 10 pp Palantir power and gets mount at level 2 now
Boromir – Costs 500 more and gets level 10 ability called Last Stand, which makes him invulnerable for a time
Fortress – No change
Powers – Added Draft (5),Gandalf the White (10),Knights of Dol Amroth (15), Courage of Men (25) abilities as discussed above

Heroes- (Note: All Elven Heros cost 10% more)
- Arwen – Gains level 5 ability called Evenstar, which enables her to give any allied hero a temporary 100% armor increase
- Haldir – Leadership in now Level 2 ability, Golden Arrow is Level 6, and gets a new Level 10 ability, Elven Alliance, which summons three Battalions of fully upgraded Lorion Guards
- Thranduil – Thorn of Vengeance does 10% less damage and Wild Walk now only works when he is stealthed in a Forest (using Elven forest stealth ability) or with Enshrouding Mists/Blessed Mists, not anywhere on the map; also costs 20% more, unlike the rest of the Elven heroes, which cost 10% more than current game
- Glorfindil – Gets 25% better base armor/hps than current game
-Treebeard – Costs 20% more than current game and gets level 1 Ent Wisdom (Leadership for other Ents only), level 3 Wilds of Fanghorn (summons a wooded area which debuff/slow enemies moving through it.. like reverse Elven Wood), and level 10 March of the Ents, which summons 6 Ents for a short time
-Eagle’s Nest upgrade costs 1000 more, but automatically produces an Eagle once it is built; if the Eagle dies, it is automatically revived for no cost (takes 60 sec to revive) until the Fortress is destroyed
-Enchanted Anvil now reduces upgrade costs 25%
-Blessed Mists also camouflages nearby buildings until you get close to them/use a vision spell like Farsight
Powers - Added Healers (10),Health of the Valar (10),Lorion Guards (15), Enchanted Armor (25) abilities as discussed above; Enshrouding Mists is now a 5 pp ability and Healers takes its place as a 10 pp ability

Heroes - No changes
Fortress – No changes
Powers – Added Dwarven Miners (5),King Brand (10),Royal Guardians (15), Grand Army (25) abilities as discussed above
-Dwarven Riches only increases production by 200% now, but power recharges 50% faster
-Undermine is now 10 pp power in place of Hobbit Sheriffs
-Get Dwarven Craftsmanship as 15 pp ability where Undermine used to go (increases hps of all non-Fortress buildings permanently by 50%)
-Summon Citadel ability creates a Citadel with 50% higher armor/hps

Heroes -Fellbeast gain Screech at level 6 and have new level 3 passive ability, Fear Vision, which make them able to detect all stealthed units in a large radiu; very good for detecting late game stealth, especially Elves and Gollum with Ring
Fortress – Instead of launching giant fireball, Golgoroth Spire creates a giant, permanent Tainted Land around the fortress; greatly increases Mordor defenses/ability to squeeze enemy forces with offensive “fortressing”
Powers – Industry power only increases building output by 200%, but recharges 50% faster

Heroes – No changes
Fortress – Excavations upgrade reduces cost of buildings by 20% (vice 10%)
- Burning Forges upgrade now reduces cost of unit upgrade by 20% (vice 10%)
Powers – Industry power only increases building output by 200%, but recharges 50% faster

Heroes – Shelob gains Level 4 Web Attack, which immobilizes heroes for many seconds (like cripple) and makes her more effective at taking them out.
Fortress - Dragons Nest upgrade costs 1000 more, but automatically produces a Fire Drake once it is built; if the Fire Drake dies, it is automatically revived for no cost (takes 60 sec to revive) until the Fortress is destroyed
Powers – No changes

posted 03-14-06 11:27 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
This can happen just look at The Rohavian aliance.
(You need skinner,modderler(Unless you want to copy modles) and an INI coder)

Very good idea i wish it was real.
And it seems balnaced.

The only thing it needs is like a Hobbit hut where you can train hobbits.


I realzie it would never actually happen, but justed wanted to get these ideas out there

Never say never.

posted 03-15-06 11:35 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Just wanted to say putting tower guards at tier two would make the spiderling rush very powerful against MotW, other than that looks good, especially the ideas about rank 3 buildings giving veterancy.

Armi ie The Head
BFME 2 MotW player!
Will help where I can, but will also get help where I can.
posted 03-15-06 02:22 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Thanks for the feedback...
You are right about spiderling rush, but that is why you can get Draft power for your worker battalions... by using your initial 5 PP on Draft, it reduces the cost of worker Battalions to 300 and makes them have 100% better armor and attack when they are within the radius of a friendly farm...
So, combinining a Drafted worker battalion or two with, say, cheap Gondor Archers means you can hold out against a Spiderling rush (at least in theory; all this would have to be actually tested of course ), if you play it right... not to say that MOTW would still not have to be on their A game against a Goblin player
Scotty the Fallen
posted 03-15-06 04:13 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
This is amazing.

I would really like to see this pull through.

Scotty the Fallen | One-time Angel Reincarnate, and Former BFME2H and TWH Downloads administrator, and BFME2 Strategy Administrator.
"And I shall go softly into the night, taking my dreams, as will you." - EoJ
"Scotty's probably the only forumer here who can make every post a defiant claim of his own superiority." - Atzy
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