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Topic Subject:How to create a useful hero
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posted 03-10-06 11:46 AM EDT (US)         
How to create a useful hero


Hi guys. This is kinda my guide and personal view on how to create a good, and more important, useful hero. I did this based on my own heroes, whom I think are very useful.

The most important thing is to experiment alot with Create A Hero. In case of my own heroes, they are all created through various experiments and many times of deleting and rebuilding. Don't expect you can build a good hero in one go!

Step 1 - Picking your faction and finding your needs

This is the most important step. Your hero must be a useful augmentation to your faction, if you don't know your faction you don't know what is useful. Here is a small table with general strategic overlook of what your playing style is. Also I included a basic hero which the faction could surely use.

Elves: Offensive play, willing to play with stealthy tactics and strong archers.
Hero: Preferably a Dwarf with high health and armour.

Mordor: Extremely offensive and rushing play, willing to use 4 orkpits and many sneaky tactics, also willing to keep your stronger units (Troll's, Mumakil) alive.
Hero: Wizard with heavy offensive power, hero killer, or leadership hero.

Men of the West: Using units to their fullest potential (rock-paper-scissors principe), willing to build large armies and attack early on.
Hero: Preferably an Elven archer for stealthy unit killing from a distance, or leadership Men hero.

Goblins: Extremely offensive and extreme rushing play, willing to end the game in a few minutes.
Hero: Powerful, or sneaky hero killer.

Dwarves: Slow but crushing play, willing to the most powerful units in an optimal way.
Hero: Elven archer or Wizard with teleporting abilities.

Isengard: Strong and aggresive play, willing to take the initiative in the attack.
Hero: Leadership hero, tank with offensive abilities.


- Leadership hero does not only mean that a hero has the 'Leadership' ability, but that he also has summoning powers, warchant, and such.
- Tank stands for a strong Hero with alot health, health respawn time, and armour. He is there to last long.
- All-around heroes are fun, but don't really help your faction overcome its weaknesses.
- If you don't agree, post and we will discuss it!

Step 2 - Choosing your hero type

By now you have token the faction you want to play with and are ready to create your hero. Now it is time to pick your hero and what you want him to do. A Dwarven hero for the Dwarven faction isn't gona work, because there are 3 already who do their job really well. Beneath here is the listing:

Useful for the Elves.
Basic use is tanking and taking alot damage.

Useful for the Men and the Dwarve.
Basic use is for taking out alot enemies from a distance.

Useful for the Men.
Basic use is for supporting with leadership and taking out troops.

Useful for Mordor, Dwarves and Isengard.
Basic use is for doing alot damage or teleporting troops around.

Useful for Mordor.
Basic use is supporting orcs to make them stronger.

Useful for Mordor, Isengard and Goblins.
Basic use is for killing heroes and taking alot damage.

Useful for Goblins, Isengard.
Basic use is killing heroes, and being good allround.

Useful for Goblins.
Basic use is for sneak-killing heroes.

Step 3 - Appearance

Here comes the fun step . Making the appearance of your hero cool is not hard, but making him more original than those of your friends is. Here come a couple screens of my own heroes, with reasons why I wanted them to look like this.

[PNG, (241.88 KB)]

This is Groth. He is my main anti-hero hero. With his appearance I wanted to strike fear in the enemy. I wanted him to be like the troll that almost defeated Aragorn in ROTK. If this guy is high ranked he can take on any hero 1v1, without exceptions.

This is Daruwť. He is like Gandalf, but pretty evil and even more offensive. He is a great backup hero for my orks, and has 4 offensive powers, and can teleport around the map. This guy needs to look like he's gona be very angry if you make trouble with him, and that is actually what happens if you mess with him at high level. He is powerful versus armies, not heroes.

Here is my great Dwarven buddy, Balin. He is a tank, and can last long enough until your heal power is ready again. He got health, armour and heal rate almost fully maxed out. This guy can take on entire armies just with his axe, and that is what I mainly use him for.

Step 4 - The stats

The stats of a hero are extremely important. In this step, you gotta make clear what your hero stands for and what he is supposed to do on the battlefield. Picking stats randomly is fun but doesn't let you create your hero to its fullest potential. Here's am explanation of what the stats you can pick:

Armor is extremely important, and most useful to one-man armies. With high armor you hero can resist ALOT arrow damage, which makes him useful for taking down archers and whole armies overall. Make this very high if you'r hero is a tank and or leadership hero.

Power is basically the amount of damage your hero can do with his initial melee attack. I only recommend this getting high for hero killers who need to bash out an extremely lot of damage in a short time. Don't waiste to much points to it otherwise.

Health determines the amount of health your hero has. This is needed especially for tanks, hero killers and leadership heroes. I think it is the second most useful stat, because a hero who is hard to kill always is a pain.

Health rate
This is an extremely good stat to have high for any sort of hero, but mainly an archer and an hero killer. The archer needs to do hit and run attacks (which makes this extremely useful), and the hero killer who needs to have his health back ASAP (-> run away when you are damaged, and then return to fight when you are healed).

This stat is only useful for the Archer and the Wizard, who need to have a good sight in order to perform their ranged attacks well. A spy could also have a good vision in order to, ofcourse, spy the enemy :P.

Step 5 - The powers

Now comes the most interesting part. I will guide you through it a couple screens of my own heroes.

The powers are the most important for a hero. Now that you have determined what you want to do with your hero (leadership, tank etc.), you need to pick the right powers. Picking the good powers can take a long time, so don't be afraid to delete them and pick em again . In order to do this effectively I made some guidelines:

  • Do not pick two abilities that are basically the same! You might want to pick these for fun or so you can do the same effect twice, but you'r way better off getting all more diverse powers.

  • Pick powers that best suit your hero type. A tanking Dwarf needs some powers to crush armies with (for example jump) but has no use with invicibility if he already has alot of health and armor.

  • Pick the best powers! For example, IMO every Dwarf should pick Barrage, because it simply OWNS, as it is as strong as a 15-cost point power. An Elf has much use with Tornado, and a Wizard with Word of Power.

  • Level up your powers when it is needed. For example a hero killer like my Groth needs all his powers to the max to maximize his damage on a single target. A leadership hero is better off with having alot more diverce powers to help his armies when they are in need of aid.

    Here is my comment on my own heroes:

    This are the powers of Groth. When creating him, my objective was to create the best anti-hero unit in the game. I think I kinda succeeded with this power line.

    Superior raging Brute: This power maxes out Groth's stats. This is needed to power up Groth to go wild on enemy heroes.

    Improved cripple attack: This cripples the enemy hero so Groth can melee him easily.

    Mighty poison attack: This attack adds even more damage to Groth's immense power. You don't want to mess with Groth you know.

    Untamed alliance: I kinda had to pick another power and took something completely different - making Groth able to take over creeps! Used on a firedrake, this can be a game winner for you.

    Here is the power line of Daruwť, my offensive Wizard. His objective is to bash out as many magic damage in a short time.

    Mighty fireball: A great offensive attack, doing massive damage to heroes and battalions. Also very good in taking down Ents and Nazgul.

    Mighty lightning: This power is the hero killer of Daruwť. It damages a single target alot, very useful against heroes with low health.

    Improved Wizard Blast: Known by everyone, this power throws down enemy units. Extremely useful in the middle of a battle.

    Flash: Allows Daruwť to teleportate anywhere. Combine this with his powers and you will kinda understand what Daruwť can do to your army in just a couple of seconds..... I would be afraid if I see him popping in the middle of my army.

    Word of Power: The ultimate power of any Wizard. With flash he can teleportate to the middle of an army and then WHAM blow away all your battalions. This can win you games.

    Here is my Orc supporter, Grishnakh. He is my leadership hero, and a very dangerous one if combined with his Orc armies.

    Leadership: Gives basic leadership at lvl1. This makes your orcs so much stronger, which could lead to the defeat of an army.

    Superior call of reinforcements: This one of the strongest hero powers. He kinda summons a whole army, orks and (attack trolls) at level 10. Free units are never a bad things at all.

    Improved train allies: With this power he can make his fellow orcs and trolls level 2 easily, which really improves their use.

    Great roar of berserk (I don't know the English equilavent ): This basically is like WarChant - you cast it on your units and they will become stronger. Use it on your summoned troops for devastating effects .

    Step 6 - Grand Finale

    Now, I ask YOUR opinion. It is time to discuss some of the powers, is firebomb stronger than oil? Is invincibility lvl 10 really needed for its effect? What type of hero best applies to a race? That are things we need to discuss.

    Happy building-your-hero!

    - Bendak

    B e n d e r s . . . © 2004

    ex SWGBH scn designer
    ex BFME2H cherub

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  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 03-31-06 07:32 AM EDT (US)     51 / 77       
    I do mostly skirmish games where i use my hero as counter for the mass of units, not as hero killers. So this post is about a custom hero made for PvE/skirmish army killer, not PvP


    Armor: 15-20 nice for tank/support
    Attack: 8-15 only usefull vs Att. Trolls / heroes / buildings
    Health: 8-12 very handy, though i dont max it often
    Regen: 2-5 (good) or 12-15 (evil) for good has 5pt heal pwr
    Vision: 2-5 useless most of the time


    Leadership on lvl 1 or 2 -> like OMFG
    Reinforcements -> very nice to have
    Beserker rage -> funny vs trolls n stuff but not great
    Train Allies -> not very much used for units die too fast IMHO

    Specific powers

    Axe throw -> not very usefull
    Leap -> unit killer
    Barricade (the rocks from the air) -> army killer.. big YES
    Imp. HP at lvl 1 or 2 (dwarf) -> very handy
    Spear throw -> nice vs balista / catapult / troll
    Blade master -> very nice... double armor/attack = nice
    Fire bomb -> unit killer very nice skill
    Coerce -> hard to target in battle, not very much used


    Blink -> very usefull
    WOP -> overpowered -> best lvl 10 skill in game vs armies
    Fireball -> unit killer
    Lightning -> hero/building/troll killer
    Teleport -> at lvl 2 very handy for getting reinforcements in or retreating your army to base


    My wizard (use him on good side):

    1-4 -> fireball(2) + lightning(2)
    5 -> teleport
    6 -> blink
    7+8 -> fireball(3) + lightning(3)
    9 -> teleport(2)
    10 -> WOP

    Stats: 14 armor 2 power 18 health 2 regen 4 sight


    Hard to be killed and hard to melee attack, use melee attack only vs groups of weak units for lvling (no trolls or heroes)

    fireball vs groups, lightning vs trolls/heroes/buildings, blink when allmost dead and no heal power or to transport ring or to blink in army for WOP

    EDIT: i also tend to use heroes for their flavor, so when i play dwarves i use a dwarf, when i play Mordor i use a troll, Isengard an Uruk, MotW a Gondor Knight. It mostly enhances their strenghts and weaknesses instead of flattening it out but taken that in mind, and exploiting the strengths while caring for weaknesses there is no real problem in it. It's just so funny seeing a taskmaster leading a pack of dwarves in a charge on the enemy or a knight in front of his footmen taking fire to protect the archers, or a troll surrounded by orcs and some (fellow) attack trolls whacking away on the sole flesh of the poor humans, dwarfs and elves.

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    Master Kamst
    posted 03-31-06 08:57 PM EDT (US)     52 / 77       
    i think dwarves are by far the strongest heros i have a dwarf with:

    fully maxed bombard
    improved leap
    improved eathshaker and 2 battle rage
    thing that gives u more health

    all that in one guy is a really good combo

    i am just wondering why trolls, orc and urak kai have same powers?? doesn't make sense

    Sandro The Wicke
    posted 03-31-06 09:28 PM EDT (US)     53 / 77       
    they don't precisly, goblins have watcher, and so does Isengard, but Mordor has the balrog power as a final tier power...

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    Master Kamst
    posted 03-31-06 11:08 PM EDT (US)     54 / 77       
    ^^^^ i meant when you make troll - orc - urak hia HEROS they have the same powers
    WhiteKnight 0707
    posted 04-12-06 04:35 AM EDT (US)     55 / 77       
    online the best hero is simple . ARACHERS, they totaly own and pwning noobs, u can sit their with ur hero attacking his troops in a "hit and run" style totaly ranking up ur hero, when they try and attack u just run away. If they dont have hero's this is an unstopable way of ranking up ur ranked hero's.when noobs see u ranking up on their troop the first think they will do is get their own hero ! this dosnt matter as generaly by the time they get their own rank 1 hero ur hero is like rank 5-6 and should own their new hero! also make sureu archer hero has torando as is a devastating attack meaning ur hero can destroy whole armys all by himself.

    This archer is a great way of rushing ur enemy and only need to be rank 4 to be able to destroy whole armys if u give him tornado power. TRUST ME IT WORKS

    posted 04-12-06 05:01 AM EDT (US)     56 / 77       

    A useful hero isn't quit a noob pwning one, unless you only play vs lesser skilled opponents. Play versus me and you will see why your hero DOESN'T work .

    B e n d e r s . . . © 2004

    ex SWGBH scn designer
    ex BFME2H cherub
    Victor von Doom
    posted 04-12-06 07:20 AM EDT (US)     57 / 77       
    I have two create a heroes, and I use them to kill armies and one to kill heavy tank like things (trolls and etc). My other one has fire and it just massacres armies, although, I don't solely rely on them to beat the enemy. I send them in with Rohirrim/Orcs, use Glorious Charge or whatever its called and you win. You can't win with one unit, if you can, its time you moved up to a tougher enemy.

    Victor von Doom
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    WhiteKnight 0707
    posted 04-13-06 10:58 AM EDT (US)     58 / 77       
    yeh but bendak if i was playing a player of similar skill or better than me i .. yeh u are correct i wouldnt be able to pwn noobs and rank hero up as easly.... but i would still use an archer as i can hold him back behind my main army amoungst the rest of m archers making it extreamly hard for my enemy to get past the rest of my army and hit on my 1 man wasting all their archer units... plus he has built in heal an i have heal power so it gonna take u a while to kill my hero ...... only real way to kill him is hero vs hero then archer heros kinda suck unless u just run away alot. :P
    Victor von Doom
    posted 04-13-06 11:17 AM EDT (US)     59 / 77       
    If you're playing someone experienced enough, they'll have calvary or trolls or something. Plus, arrows, IMO, are support heroes. They stay behind the army, and pick off the tougher units like trolls, mumakil and etc.

    Victor von Doom
    Winner of the Boromir Award
    posted 04-17-06 09:06 AM EDT (US)     60 / 77       
    i find MotW heroes and the dwarven heroes pretty decent tanks allmost unkillable if you have the heal power that is with loads of armor / health

    Archers can be toughened more with power instead of max armor/health to finish of heroes/trolls with normal shots/cripple shot, and other units with tornado. You lack a tank in that case though.

    Gaming is fun though don't forget to socialise IRL ^^
    posted 04-19-06 12:39 PM EDT (US)     61 / 77       
    i generally play as elves and use a dwarven hero, i tested the power thing and for a dwarf army killer you only need about power 9 as this kills most units in 1 even if unit is leveled. my dwarf owns.

    just wondering what are best powers are for a wizard?

    This is not my post, as you are the people who own the site and are going to read it so really it is your post.

    This is not a post at all, as posts have to provide a sturdy foundation for a fence, this does not. it is a gate masquerading as a post.

    So really this gate masquerading as a post is completely pointless!!

    posted 04-20-06 03:57 PM EDT (US)     62 / 77       
    Fireball -> kills an entire batallion or more
    Lightning -> for heroes, trolls, some buildings
    Blink -> can come in handy
    Teleport rank 2 -> teleport your troops fast from and to the battlefield
    Word of power -> blast which kills an entire army

    Some use wizard blast and such, dont have experience with m
    Polymorph and conversion seem less usefull

    btw would the power of a dwarven hero contribute to the axe throw skill for it seems so weak on my dwarf and it is some kind of attack normal dwarves can do as well (no magic i mean)

    Gaming is fun though don't forget to socialise IRL ^^
    posted 04-20-06 09:31 PM EDT (US)     63 / 77       
    Power does not contribute to the Dwarven Axe Throw. It's pretty weak at low levels, and it never quite equals Spear Throw. I don't like it much.

    Conversion can be devastating if used right, but it's tricky to know when to use it. Wizard Blast is a reliable melee power, although level 1 wizard blasts don't kill enemy troops and level 10 wizard blasts don't seem to be any better than a level 3 blast (they both kill all the soldiers they hit.) Never used polymorph (Call the Herd).

    taylor strong
    posted 04-24-06 11:41 PM EDT (US)     64 / 77       
    for evil heros what do u do when ur about to kill him then he heals himself and u cant heal urself?
    posted 04-25-06 06:53 AM EDT (US)     65 / 77       
    panic and run away? OR! throw more orcs at him
    posted 04-25-06 06:12 PM EDT (US)     66 / 77       
    heal power for good side is overpowered on heroes... i like it though

    Gaming is fun though don't forget to socialise IRL ^^
    posted 04-25-06 06:20 PM EDT (US)     67 / 77       


    Never used polymorph (Call the Herd).

    Call the herd is really funny, but it doesn't do much good, especially against moving units.

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    King Dain
    posted 05-17-06 01:17 PM EDT (US)     68 / 77       
    As I am a fan of the dwarves I allways give my heroes earthshaker. In my eyes it is the best abillity

    The dwarves will reign supreme ya' hear me not the Elves!!!
    Wraith Wannabe
    posted 05-18-06 06:59 AM EDT (US)     69 / 77       
    I've made a troll called Gadderhammer. Looks like yours (obviously) but better

    Shame that I can't even play it. My graphics card sucks and I can't play until my Birthday when I'm getting a new card.

    posted 05-19-06 10:31 AM EDT (US)     70 / 77       
    I use a Wizard called F'yth for the isengard... the Saruman+Create-A-Wizard combo seems to go pretty well together

    i use this really lame tactic where i teleport a bunch of mines into the enemy base along with a decent decoy army

    love to see my mates faces when they see their base go boom after a 10 second teleport, mine placing and fireball

    posted 05-20-06 04:28 PM EDT (US)     71 / 77       
    For those of you creating Elves.

    posted 05-24-06 10:23 PM EDT (US)     72 / 77       
    Whats a good captain of gondor build?
    I was also wondering about harandrim and how good the corsce (somethign about that spelling which switches the alligance of your soldiers)skill is. Many times I have lost a large part of my army to this spell.
    posted 05-24-06 11:02 PM EDT (US)     73 / 77       
    Yes! It is coerce power. It is a great power to harass your enemy!

    As for the Man builds, there are three sides I find one can tilt to. I have made a hero-killer, with the Smite, Cripple and Invulnerability powers chiefly. Then there's the one-man army, and many buffs like Elendil can be used, along with the Summon Army power. There's also the third side you can stress to. The leader, with all the leader powers like Train Allies, Glorious Charge wtc. With that in mind, I think it pretty much depends on your use of your hero to make the build "good".

    Tales of Middle-Earth | Don't miss it
    posted 05-25-06 05:10 PM EDT (US)     74 / 77       
    my curent captain of gondor has:
    spear throw lvl 3
    blade master
    call renforcments fully maxed
    gorious charge

    He has done pretty well but if anyone thinks they have a better build I would love to hear it.

    posted 05-27-06 05:07 PM EDT (US)     75 / 77       
    hero names are an annoying thing, i couldnt think of a name 4 my troll hero but then i decided 2 call him togom the arsenist because or all the firey powers i gave him

    Dude, who stole my sig??
    posted 05-29-06 07:45 PM EDT (US)     76 / 77       
    Thanks for the guide bendak helped alot in making my first custom hero
    posted 05-29-06 08:29 PM EDT (US)     77 / 77       
    I don't have much of a use for custom heroes because I play mostly tournament and quickgames without custom heroes.

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