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Topic Subject:Wizards
posted 03-30-08 09:18 AM EDT (US)         
Well when crating wizards I have found several topics to help:
A wizards greatest ability is "Word of power" this can only be obtained a level. The only way to reach it (before hitting the 5 power limit) is to select at least 2 power from either: Ball Lightning, Fireball or train allies.

The three other abilities that improve the powers of a wizard are: Blink, Teleport and Call the herd.

Using wizards:
Elves: When playing as the elves ith you wizard, send him into battle accompanied by two battllions of either Lorien warriors or Mithlon sentries. Have a group of Lorien/Mirkwood archers defend your base while you fight with your wizard.
Mordor: Using wizards with mordor is rather tricky as the orcs tend to have short lifespans. Send him into battle with two battalions of melee soildiers, with some back up troops nearby.
Dwaves: When using a dwaven wizard, it is best to give him little company. I find that having some axe throwers works nicely. Wizards with "Wizard Blast" are the best aid for dwaves (considering their lack of cavalry)
Isengard: Wizards work brilliantly with the isengard faction. Have your wizard and saruman charge out with a battalion of uruks and pikemen. Wizard blast, fire ball and ball lightning are particuarlly useful to have.
Men: Gandalf is one o the best heroes in the game already. Send him and your wizard out into battle with some elite archers (I forget their names). Once Gandalf hit lv 7 his istari light can obliterate cavalry and catapults.
Goblins: When using wizards and goblins, it is best to have a battallion of half troll maruders or some cave trolls/mountain giants nearby. If find that word of power become exceptionally helpful in this faction.

Hope this helps!

Good and evil must reamin in pure harmony!
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