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Topic Subject:Something needs to be done about Captains....
posted 06-21-07 01:39 PM EDT (US)         
I like many others thought that reducing the power of spear throw was enough and for a while i thought it would be, however even though you can now kill Captains of Gondor a lot easier with archers and spearmen (especially if on horseback), however they are still away by far the best heros in the game by my opinion and i think they need to be brought down with the others a bit more.

Im not just moaning for the sake of moaning i have and use a Captain quite regularly but im getting bored coz everyone else is turning to them again in RofWK its becoming like the original BfME2, were you cant play a custom game without an average of 3/4 captains in a 2v2 its just ridiculous whats worse in the original is that they aren't affected half as much by arrow or spear something that thankfully has been solved in RoftWK.

So my suggestions....

1) Removal of invunerability- this is the dumbest thing EA ever did, derrrrrrrrrrrr what shall we give the hero that can destroy fortress single handed, summon reinforcements, make units take only 10% of damage, root enemy heros in place and heal them selves?....Invunerability!!!!!! Someone needs shooting for that serously, taken aside down an ally and BANG done.

2)Limitation of powers by this i mean no combos, for example if you have chosen blade master then, something like cripple strike or heroic charge wouldn't be available to you as combined these powers can make a hero just as invunerable. This would be good as you would never know what hero you would be facing, could be a unit support captain, could be a hero killer ect.

Anyway i'll leave this open for disscussion as im sure im not the only one who feels this way.

Take it easy

"Their presence here mocks us!"-Elrond
"Yep, their ugly!"-Gloin
"Bring me their leaders"-Mouth of Sauron (fat mouth)
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