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Topic Subject:Possible Bug?!?
posted 06-16-07 08:51 AM EDT (US)         
Hey guys, me again.

After a lenghty absence I decided to create a hero. To my dismay, one of his powers doesn't seem to work.

It is a Dwarven Hero and 'Improved Leap' does not inflict damage. I have deleted this hero and tried again, still not to prevail. I have altered the order of the power output, still no damage inflicted.

Has this occured with anyone else Dwarven CaH? Is it a bug with 'Improved Leap'? Or is my 'Improved Leap' bugged?


SilverJedi a.k.a Ricky
posted 06-16-07 09:28 AM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
I can honestly say that nothing of the sort has ever happened to me.

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Kyr Nelenar
(id: darkservant)
posted 06-16-07 02:06 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
I don't think thats happened to me either...

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posted 06-17-07 08:48 AM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
Arite mate! that is a weird one, does normal leap work? If so forget improved leap if it is causing you grief like that, just replace it with another power.

1 question though does it still scater enemies all over the place?

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posted 06-17-07 01:06 PM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
This is in ROTWK btw.

Yes mate, it scatters them but when i click on them [i have health bars on], they're still all green!

Could someone make a hero with this power and see if this happens to them too and reply back? I'm wondering if it's to do with the patch.

I have since replaced it and he is a much better hero for it!

Thank you all for your input guys!

Have fun.

SilverJedi a.k.a Ricky
posted 06-24-07 10:48 AM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
I've also had this problem - the IL only scatters but doesn't kill... I just took out the power, my dwarf is cheaper at least - I don't have the patch, but is it any different there?
posted 06-24-07 03:32 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
Not at all mate, must just be the IL in general. Thanks for letting us know

SilverJedi a.k.a Ricky
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