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Topic Subject:The Create-a-Hero Central
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WICH Fanfic Moderator
posted 01-20-07 03:57 PM EDT (US)         
Welcome to...
The Create-a-Hero Central!

I figured that this forum needs a sticky, so here it is! This thread should be used as a place where we can put our custom heroes and discuss them and their strategy. We have a million threads that have this, but we need a central information base. And here it is!

The heroes can be from either BFME2 or ROTWK. Just make sure there are no glitched heroes!

The Hero Classes and Types

There are are total of 14 heroes in BFME2, and 16 in ROTWK. Here is the list of them:

Captain of Gondor:
Captain of Gondor
Shield Maiden

Male Elf Archer
Female Elf Archer



Servant of Sauron:
Orc Raider
Great Troll Only in BFME2

Corrupted Man:

Olog-Hai ROTWK only
Great Troll
Snow Troll
Hill Troll

To add a hero, just state the Name, Race, Class, Powers (if any!) If you have an image, then post it!

So... discuss!

Note: I will update later with my hero, and perhaps a list of all the powers.

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posted 01-03-09 02:45 AM EDT (US)     76 / 87       
I find it usually happens if you play through war of the ring with your CAH. Very annoying.

Only use them against the computer, dont play them online as there is always some git with a glitched hero or a massively overpowered captain of gondor.

I like creating wizards with, usually, mighty fireball and mighty convert enemy for his level ten. I find WOP doesnt always kill all the enemies in the area of effect, and call the herd doesnt work on cavalry
posted 01-03-09 09:17 PM EDT (US)     77 / 87       
in older versions of bfme2 (pre expansion) it was actually really really easy to go into C:\Documents and Settings\new user\Application Data\BFME2 (not shortened)
and then find your hero data and change their stats manually. I've updated since I last looked for that file and then just now I tried to search for it but couldn't find it They must have encoded it with an update. But if you're REALLY keen on fixing it, you could probably downgrade to a version that has it...but gl with that

Here's my hero =D

Name: Jadex
Captain of Gondor

1 Horseman
2 Leadership
3 Starlight

Cost: 960

This is the cheaper and sligtly less effective Theodin that elves can use. No one suspects a cavalry rush from elves =D
Might Of Grond
posted 01-06-09 07:28 AM EDT (US)     78 / 87       
I've looked too and I can't find any editable files. I can only find the attributes and powers files for each hero which you can't actually edit

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posted 01-07-09 11:01 AM EDT (US)     79 / 87       
You can edit them with the proper programs.

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posted 01-08-09 01:20 PM EDT (US)     80 / 87       
Errm explain...

I have final Big if that's what you mean

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posted 02-10-09 03:38 PM EDT (US)     81 / 87       
Name: Trey
Race: Female Elf
Class: Elven Archer
Cost: 2810

Improved Stats were:
maxed out armor
+7 points to health
+9 points to vision

->Improved Stealth
->Improved->Great->Superior Archer Specialization
->Improved Cripple Strike
->Improved Arrow Rain

Trey is great because she can be built fairly early, but once she ranks up she can take on even the toughest enemy heroes. Her high armor and health ensure that she can take a huge beating before being destroyed. She excels at tearing apart enemy forces at range

Name: Key
Race: Female Elf
Class: Elven Archer
Cost: upwards of 4000

Improved Stats were:
maxed out armor
+8 to health
+8 to vision

->Improved->Great->Superior Archer Specialization
->Improved Stealth
->Improved Rain Of Arrows
->Improved Whirlwind

Key isn't cheap, but there are few better for tearing apart enemy structures at the endgame. Her whirlwind and superior archer specialization make her a force to be reckoned with when she attacks a base.
posted 06-24-09 02:24 AM EDT (US)     82 / 87       
these are my most used CaHs
Male Elven Archer
2.Train Allies
4.Rain of Arrows
5.Cripple Shot
6.Improved Train Allies
7.Improved Whirlwind
8.Improved Rain of Arrows
9.Improved Cripple Shot
10.Great Whirlwind
His cost is 2000

I have a Wanderer too
1.Wizard Blast
3.Ball Lightning
4.Light Blast
5.Improved Wizard Blast
6.Improved Ball Lightning
7.Improved Fireball
8.Call the Herd
9.Mighty Ball Lightning
10.Mighty Fireball
His cost is 2000 too

Any finnaly -------- my killer!

Class:Captain of Gondor
Type:Captain of Gondor

Powers at level ten:Mighty Spear throw,Superior Call Reinforcements,Blade Master,Cripple Strike and Train Allies.

This a super strong herokiller.He takes much of heros live with his spear throw,then summons reinforcements near the enemy hero,the getting blade master and finnaly(if that is a super hero like gandalf,because there are almost no heroes,who con stay alive after this)he is making a cripple strike(!!!)and if the hero didn't die(something like galadriel who just did her tornado),he continues hitting the hero till the hero dies.
And he levels up realy fast!

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posted 02-13-10 10:13 AM EDT (US)     83 / 87       
my sister, brother and myself in hero form(I need to translate all powers!):

Name: Wolf
Class: Captain of Gondor
Level 1:Mount/dismount
Level 2:Elendil
Level 3:Call Allies?
Level 4:Spearthrow?
Level 5:Shieldpush?
Level 6:Veteran Shieldpush?
Level 7:Veteran Spearthrow?
Level 8:Veteran Call Allies?
Level 9:Great Call Allies?
Level 10:Mighty Spearthrow?
Cost: 2000 (I'm a normal bfme2 player)

Name: Roos
Class: Shieldmaiden
Level 1: Mount/Dismount
Level 2: Call Allies?
Level 3: Shieldpush?
Level 4: Veteran Call Allies?
Level 5: Leadership
Level 6: Veteran Shieldpush?
Level 7: Great Call Allies?
Level 8: Train Allies?
Level 9: Veteran Train Allies?
Level 10:Mighty Call Allies?
Cost: 2000

Name: Beren
Class: Male Elf Archer
Level 1: Stealth
Level 2: Switch Weapons?
Level 3: Archery Specialisation?
Level 4: Paralyse Shot?
Level 5: Train Allies?
Level 6: Veteran Train Allies?
Level 7: Great Train Allies?
Level 8: Veteran Archery Specialisation?
Level 9: Great Archery Specialisation?
Level 10: Veteran Paralyse Shot?
Cost: 2000

The "?" are for if I have written the power correct.
Please correct me if i have written it wrong.

EDIT: A new Hero with a strategy!

Name: Khashnar
Class: Ork-Raider?
Level 1: Call Reinforcements?
Level 2: Oil/Light?
Level 3: Inspire Fear
Level 4: Leadership
Level 5: Raging Brute?
Level 6: Veteran Call Reinforcements?
Level 7: Veteran Raging Brute?
Level 8: Greater Call Reinforcements?
Level 9: Greater Raging Brute?
Level 10: Veteran Oil/Light?
Cost: 2000
Strategy: Race for level 2, then use the oil power to scatter the enemy!
It's a great hero late game!

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posted 09-03-10 08:43 PM EDT (US)     84 / 87       
General Maximus is his name,
he is a male Man hero.
Armor +14
Power +15
Health +14
Heal Rate +5
Vision +4
1. Blademaster 2. Spearthrow 3. Horseman 4. Improved Spearthrow 5. Invulnerability 6. nothing 7. Mighty Spearthrow 8. Improved Invulnerability 9. nothing 10. Elendil
posted 02-14-11 02:46 AM EDT (US)     85 / 87       
Name: Kronnor
Type: Male Elven Archer

1. Toggle Weapon
2. Archer Specialization
3. Heal
4. Improved Archer Specialization
5. Volley of Arrows
6. Truesight
7. Improved Heal
8. Great Archer Specialization
9. Improved Volley of Arrows
10. Superior Archer Specialization
posted 07-21-12 07:41 PM EDT (US)     86 / 87       
Name: Keyur(well its my name )

Type: Male Elf Archer

Cost: 2000

Role: Support your army by killing highest no. of enemies. It has only weakness is can easily assassinate with Mordor heroes and as usual Spear Throw. This hero might not be viable for PvP. But with computer I can assure you its the best hero we can make.

(Note: It has maxed out in vision points by decreasing few points in heal rate, health and armor. Why? Archer taking damage doesnt make sense. Archers kill enemy before they can reach them.)

Superior Archer Specialization 1+1+1+1 (Main Skill)
Heal 1+1 (I know it have glitch but I dont like to use it for fair play)
Tornado: 1+1 (2 points on tornado is enough for clearing most armies)
Arrow Volley: 1+1

1.Archer Specialization
4.Arrow Volley
5.Archer Specialization
8.Archer Specialization
9.Arrow Volley
10.Archer Specialization

Above structure gives you fastest levelling and killing ratio. At Start of game by destroying few creeps or first wave of enemy you can level up to 2. Heal your self with newly got spell. Few more kill reach level 3 and now wait for 2nd or 3rd wave of enemy and clear whole wave with tornado. Now you are level 5-6. Dont forget to use arrow volley on light unit like archers because arrow volley only effective against such units. This Hero can be nightmare for Armored Trolls and Siege Weapon like Balista.

Stay away from Pike Man, Enraged Hero like Gimli and Aragon but you can counter them easily with your high range. With this Hero+all your faction heroes(Men and elves not dwarf because they have only 3 hero) you can defeat 7 enemies around you and have only one entrance to your base map. You are elf so you can hide in trees so position your self well. Heal is awesome spell to heal up your hero armies, use it well.

Well thats all I wanted to share.

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posted 08-18-15 10:50 AM EDT (US)     87 / 87       
nothing stronger than captain of gondor with call reinforcment + spear + horse +blade master +the most important CAVALRY CHARGE ) nothing can stop u or u horses

PS dont tell me to use thioden as he has the same charge ability , his hp is way low and he has no dmg non wt so ever
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