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Topic Subject:Second and Third age heroes
posted 08-05-06 01:14 PM EDT (US)         
I first saw the movies and read the book december 2005. It is August 2006 now, and since then I have read Lord of the rings 3 times, The hobbit twice and Silmarilion and Unfinished Tales once each. And seen the movies about 5 to 6 times. I dont have computor with me at the moment on which I can play BFME2 with me now, but I started planning my heroes for when my computer comes

2nd Age
Gil-galad:I think the elves lack only a pike hero. He will have something for temporary extra damage, big leadership, tornado and a few more stuff. Post here for Ideas. Maby the high king of the elves can dominate the battlefield

Isildur:I had nothing to work from to make Elendil, but his son is my swordsman of highest degree. With a big sudden strike like he gave to Sauron, leadership etc

Durin:The lord of moria. Something like what Lurtz and Eomer has,that money thing wil be great. But I still have to work on him

Azog:a goblin.A big hero killer. something like Isildur's strike, like with what he killed thor and Nain. But not alot of hit points.

I still need an idea for mordor, and Isengard wasn't an army in the 2nd age

3rd age
Cirdan:Same idea as gil-galad, with a few obvious changes like less leadership etc etc.

Beregrond:A pike hero for MotW.Athelas is obvious for him

Balin:Same as Durin

I don't really like evil teams, but orc and uruk leaders of LotR wil come here. Goblins are a problem, since you don't really meet them. Probably the goblin captain in the Hobbit, in the chapter just before Riddles in the Dark

Please reply, I want 2 sets of 6 heroes here, 1 for each team for every age

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