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Topic Subject:Want a Replay Reviewed? (Read this first)
GreenFan PAO 13
(id: LOrd_REvan)
posted 07-16-06 08:57 AM EDT (US)         
Want a Replay Reviewed?

BFME2 Heaven Replay Reviewers can review all of your replays and thus make you a much better player. Before you request for a review be sure you have read this list:

  • You must have your replay submitted here. For various reasons (reviewer's convenience, etc.) be sure you have selected the right section to upload your replays. For example if you want to upload a 1v1 match please submit it here.

  • Be sure your match in your replay was played with the newest patch. We cannot review replays from older patches.

  • Post a sentence in your replay description so the Reviewers can learn that you want a review. Otherwise, you can also let us know you want a RR by making a thread here.

  • Be patient. Usually the reviews will be posted one or two days after your request. Sometimes, it can take longer due to various reasons (Reviewer's absence, etc.)

  • After the review : You can make any comments you want about the replay review, the reviewer, etc. Be sure you are not posting something that is violating the CoC.

    A small note :
    When you want a replay reviewed, name the thread after the game! For example: Player X (mordor) vs Player Y (elves) - awesome catapult spam!' instead of 'Replay needs reviewing!'. Not that anything is wrong with the last one, but:

    -# It draws more attention to your replay!
    -# Less confusing for replay reviewers! Now they are naming your replays after your forum name when they are talking about it (example: Scrat's replay), but that goes wrong when you have more replays to be reviewed!
    -# Replay forum becomes nicer to read! Imagine all different replays request with similar name.

    Useful Links

  • Where to Find and Put Replays
  • How to fast forward a replay
  • Replay of the Week

    -- Revan--

    u called down the thunder... reap the whirlwind !

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