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News Archives - May 2007

Enshrouding Mist
Posted on 5/31/2007 at 9:25 AM by Aeneas2
nenya0619 has posted a tip concerning the use of the Elven power, enshrouding mist. Read it here.
Inns and Hotkeys
Posted on 5/29/2007 at 3:43 PM by Aeneas2
We have a couple more tips today! One gives a little advice on using Inn units and the other on using hotkeys. Read them here and here. Thanks to Smeagolfan24 and Ludson for sharing their knowledge!
New Tips
Posted on 5/28/2007 at 11:49 AM by Aeneas2
The first tips for our Tip of the Week section have been posted in this thread. Thanks to GeneralVon, nenya0619, BritishBulldog, and Smeagolfan24 for them. Remember that the best tip will be the tip of the week for this week (this will be announced on Friday), so be sure to start submitting yours!
Tip of the Week Announced
Posted on 5/26/2007 at 1:40 PM by Aeneas2
BFME2 Heaven is proud to announce the beginning of the Tip of the Week. The tip will be selected from the tips you post in our strategy forum. Please be sure to read this thread before posting your tip!
Forumer Awards - Nominations
Posted on 5/26/2007 at 10:25 AM by Aeneas2
The forumer awards are now going full steam with the opening of the nominations thread. Go and post your nominations for each award category!
Forum Party This Weekend
Posted on 5/24/2007 at 11:04 PM by Aeneas2
This week's forum party will be at the same time as the past few have been: 3:00pm forum time (GMT -5) on Saturday, May 26. Come and have a few fun games with your fellow forumers. Details here!
BFME2H's 3rd Semi-Annual Forumer Awards!
Posted on 5/23/2007 at 7:02 PM by Aeneas2
It's getting to be that time of year again. Time, that is, for The Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven's semi-annual forumer awards!

Hello and welcome to the 3rd Semi-Annual BFME2H awards '07- the awards that are there for you! During the course of this Award season, we will be bringing the 4 ingredients of BFME2H under a combination of 4 threads- Laughter, Friendship, Respect and a little Spam on the side

See the discussion thread for more information!
Poll Roundup
Posted on 5/22/2007 at 11:48 PM by Aeneas2
In our last poll, we asked "What Character Do You Think That EA Should Have Included In BFME2?". Ragadast the Brown received the most votes with Celeborn in second.

Beregrond [35 votes]
Arathorn [74 votes]
Erestor [6 votes]
Gamling [75 votes]
Radagast the Brown [184 votes]
Círdan [40 votes]
Gwaihir [78 votes]
Celeborn [107 votes]

Our next poll should provide a little comic relief: why do Elves have pointy ears? Vote here!
Forum Party Today!
Posted on 5/19/2007 at 10:15 AM by Aeneas2
BFME2H is hosting another forum party today. 3:00pm forum time (GMT -5). Further details are here.
Winner of the Dell RotWK Tournament Announced
Posted on 5/17/2007 at 8:59 PM by Aeneas2
The winner of the recent Rise of the Witch-King tournament has been announced. See the full news release here.
Open The Champagne Bottles!
Posted on 5/14/2007 at 10:06 PM by Aeneas2
For tomorrow, the 15th of May, is HeavenGames 10 year anniversary! Celebrate in this thread and head over to AOEH, the oldest surviving heaven, to post your memories, wishes, etc. about HG. Happy anniversary HG!
The Thursday Thesis
Posted on 5/10/2007 at 11:12 PM by Aeneas2
After a short hiatus due to a sad lack of news, the Thursday Thesis is back.

We are pleased to announce the exciting addition of EnemyofJupitor as a Cherub to our team. If you haven't already done so, congratulate him here!

We also have a new poll up: What Character Do You Think That EA Should Have Included In BFME2? You can vote in our poll booth or just to the right of this news post.

Last, but not least, is the resumption of BFME2H's forum parties. Find all of the information in our Multiplayer forum.
Forum Party
Posted on 5/10/2007 at 7:00 PM by Aeneas2
No, you aren't seeing things. BFME2H is holding another forum party this weekend! It will be on Saturday at 3:00pm forum time (GMT-5). See the details in this thread. I hope to see you there!
A New Poll
Posted on 5/8/2007 at 10:26 PM by Aeneas2
Our last poll asked what the community's opinion of the new patch for Rise of the Witch-King was. It turns out that nearly half of those who voted haven't even downloaded it yet! The specific results are as follows:

It's absolutely awesome! [37 votes]
Good, but there's room for improvement [67 votes]
It's ok [28 votes]
We waited so long for this? [53 votes]
I haven't downloaded it yet [99 votes]

Our next poll asks which other character EA should have included in BFME2. Vote here!
Please Welcome...
Posted on 5/5/2007 at 2:30 PM by Aeneas2
EnemyofJupitor! He is our newest staff member and should be a great addition to our team. Welcome him here.