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News Archives - May 2006

Patch 1.04 is Live
Posted on 5/31/2006 at 7:42 PM by Kester
Patch 1.04 is now available, and addresses these issues:

-Fixed desync with CaH Oil Spill ability
-Fixed desync with CaH projectiles
-Fixed desync/crash with units garrisoned in tunnels inherited from teammates.
-Palantir buttons reordered for MotW Gondor Ranger, Elven Lancer, Elven Archer, and Elven Sentry.

This is a minor patch - the major rebalancing patch 1.05 is still to come.
The War of the Ring (Part I)
Posted on 5/31/2006 at 3:15 PM by Aeneas2
Aeneas2 has written a Lore article on the War of the Ring. It has been divided into three parts, the first of which can be found here. It tells of the beginning of the War of the Ring, starting with Sauron's assault on Osgiliath and ending with the departure of the Fellowship of the Ring from Rivendell.
Fan Fiction and Art Forum
Posted on 5/30/2006 at 1:10 PM by Kester
The fan art forum is back, now open for fantasy writing as well. A few people have already gotten busy writing - you can read their new works here.
Round Two of the Tourney
Posted on 5/29/2006 at 10:40 AM by Kester
Round Two of the Middle Earth Madness Tournament is going strong, with about half of the games already played. To aid in arranging times between players of different time zones, the deadline for matches will now be on Saturday. For Round Two, this means the deadline is now June 3rd.
Weekend Events at BFME2 Heaven
Posted on 5/26/2006 at 10:26 PM by Kester
Lots of changes in the schedule for this weekend!

Modification Lessons
This week there's a big reshuffle in the modification lessons! The groups have now been reorganized into "Graphical" and "Coding", so the lesson topic better suits your needs. The times have also been changed, so be sure to check out the new times and details here. If there are any problems get in contact with Blood Phoenix so it can be sorted out.

Forum Party
The forum party this weekend will still be at 1:00 p.m. forum time (EST), but will be on Sunday instead of Saturday. Details are in the forum party thread.

Middle Earth Madness Tournament
The tournament is into Round Two already, with play in this round continuing until next Friday. The map to play in this round is Iron Hills. Be sure to arrange a game with your opponent in the tournament forum!

TEK Productions Interview!
Posted on 5/26/2006 at 9:53 PM by Blood Phoenix
The well known team TEK Productions granted us an interview today! We discussed various things about the team, and where they aimed to be heading.
You can read the full interview transcript here! Thanks again to KingDuku for giving up his time to do this interview!
BFME2 Wins Best Strategy Game for Xbox360
Posted on 5/26/2006 at 1:53 PM by FD2
The popular Xbox360 fansite Teambox recently awarded Battle For Middle Earth 2 the 'Best Strategy Game' at E3 2006. Check it out!
RSS Feeds
Posted on 5/24/2006 at 10:54 PM by FD2
HG now has RSS feeds enabled for the forums! An RSS Feed, in plain English, is basically a bookmark that updates. The RSS Feed can help you see when new topics are made for a specific forum, when posts are made by VIP's (game developers) and when site news has been posted. To activate your RSS feeds, on the forums, click the button that looks like a ribbon at the bottom of your browser. You can then set where you want the feed to be placed, such as on a toolbar or bookmarks. For more information, you can view the Wikipedia Article on RSS feeds.
New Screenshots for Xbox 360 BFME2
Posted on 5/24/2006 at 12:29 PM by Kester
EA has released new screenshots for the upcoming Xbox 360 version of Battle for Middle Earth 2. Check them out here!
1.04 and 1.05 Patch News
Posted on 5/24/2006 at 11:35 AM by Kester
News from EA's APOC regarding the upcoming patches:
We have created a critical small patch which fixes 3 desyncs in the game that have been affecting the online multiplayer experience for some folks in the community. This small patch will be named 1.04. Our current 2nd major balance patch which we are working on right now is still on the same timeline and will not be affected by this smaller patch we are putting out. The only difference is it will be classified as patch 1.05 now.
Clan Managing Guide
Posted on 5/23/2006 at 5:50 PM by FD2
Ever wanted to start a clan? Don't know where to start? Well, BFME2H now has it's very own Clan Managing Guide! Originally by Pepsidude123, and added to by FD2, the clan guide will teach you the basics of starting and running your clan. However, the guide is only the basics. As the clan leader, the clan should be up to you!
NYU Class on Games - New Dates!
Posted on 5/23/2006 at 5:03 PM by Blood Phoenix
NYU is having a class on "Dialogue and Narrative Creation for Electronic Games" focusing on the creation of RTS games! The class is being conducted by Gordon Farrell, who has a large number of highly rated scenarios on the HeavenGames download systems. Gordon went on from HG to work at Stainless Steel Studios, Breakaway Games and Tilted Mill. description!

This is an excellent opportunity for those in the NY area to learn more about game design. The class runs from June 26th to August 2nd and meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. This is an actual college class you can take for college credits. The only downside is the class is expensive...

Check it out here! - From there, click the bottom link in the selected course offerings list and your all set!
Design Group Section Opens!
Posted on 5/23/2006 at 2:29 PM by Blood Phoenix
Now in place is a design group contact database here at BFME2H! We welcome all design teams to put their details up if they work with BFME2 and contribute to the Heaven! You can do this by emailing me with the desired information to go up, and the name of the team.
Make sure to get in contact with me if you plan on launching a new team and want advice!
You can find the new design group page here!
Interview with Tom8778 about BFME2.5!
Posted on 5/23/2006 at 12:38 PM by Blood Phoenix
Tom8778 kindly granted us an interview about his latest modding project - BFME2.5. The mod entails adding what the game missed out from the films/books, and the project is looking superb so far! You can read the interview here, and the new project thread can be found here! Many thanks to Tom8778 for taking part!
If you want an interview for or about your modifcation project, contact me here so we can arrange one. Enjoy the read everybody!
Tourney Update
Posted on 5/22/2006 at 12:23 PM by Kester
Round one of the 1v1 Tournament is in full swing, with a number of games already played. A lot of players are waiting to set up times with their opponents, and have started threads in this forum. If you signed up for the tournament, be sure to check to see if your opponent has already made a thread trying to reach you. If you don't see one, then start one yourself to arrange the match. Round One ends on Thursday, and I'm sure no one wants to forfeit by not showing up!
Downloads Section Updated!
Posted on 5/20/2006 at 11:45 AM by Blood Phoenix
Blood Phoenix has updated the downloads section with some new rating/submitting options for modifications as well as some general updates to other categories. Reviews previous to the update will not have a breakdown in their rating.

Make sure to check the new changes out!
Forum Party Tomorrow
Posted on 5/19/2006 at 5:28 PM by Aeneas2
Come join us for another clash of good and evil in tomorrow's forum party. It will be held at the normal time. (i.e. 1 pm Forum Time) For more information you can visit the forum party thread here. I hope to see you there.
WorldBuilder and Modding Sections Updated!
Posted on 5/19/2006 at 7:45 AM by Blood Phoenix
Our Modding and WorldBuilder sections of the website have been updated with full lists of guides, tutorials and resources! New introductions have also been added to both sections, describing the fields and what paths they can open up for you in later life. Make sure to check them out!
1v1 Tournament Begins
Posted on 5/19/2006 at 12:17 AM by Kester
Round One of BFME2 Heaven's 1v1 Tournament has begun!

Tournament Links:
Tournament Bracket
Results Thread
Rules Thread

Round One runs from May 19th to May 25th. The map for the first round is Withered Heath. Good luck and have fun!

Poll Round-up!
Posted on 5/17/2006 at 12:14 AM by Kester
In the previous poll we asked about your favorite Mordor hero. The Witch-King was the runaway favorite, with well over half the votes.

The results:
Nazgul (125)
Mouth of Sauron (196)
Fellbeast (48)
Witch-King (520)
votes: 889

Continuing with the faction hero theme, the new poll asks about your favorite Dwarf hero. Vote here!
CnC Tournaments Site Launched
Posted on 5/17/2006 at 12:07 AM by Kester
Our friends over at BFME Tournaments have just launched a new site, CnC Tournaments. If you're eagerly awaiting the release of Command & Conquer 3, head on over and take a look!
Modification Lessons Begin
Posted on 5/13/2006 at 6:26 AM by Blood Phoenix
The TeamSpeak modification lessons begin this weekend, and all are welcome to attend! The times have been set as 2PM (GMT) on Saturdays, and 7PM (GMT) on Sundays. The lessons are run weekly so if you happen to miss one, you can always catch up! For more information you can visit the thread here. If you have any questions, feel free to Send me an email or post in the thread. Look forward to seeing you there!
NYU Class on Games
Posted on 5/12/2006 at 6:21 PM by Kester
NYU is having a class on "Dialogue and Narrative Creation for Electronic Games" focusing on the creation of RTS games! The class is being conducted by Gordon Farrell, who has a large number of highly rated scenarios on the HeavenGames download systems. Gordon went on from HG to work at Stainless Steel Studios, Breakaway Games and Tilted Mill.

This is a great opportunity for those in the NY area to learn more about game design. The class runs from May 15th to June 23 and meets Monday and Wed from 5:30 to 8:30. This is an actual college class you can take for college credits. Check it out at - from there, click the bottom link in the selected course offerings list.
Last Day to Register for the 1v1 Tournament
Posted on 5/12/2006 at 10:03 AM by Kester
The registration deadline for Middle Earth Madness, BFME2H's 1v1 Tournament, is today. This is your last chance to enter, so if you haven't already done so, wander over to this thread to sign up. And good luck in the tournament!
New Modding Staff Member
Posted on 5/11/2006 at 2:29 PM by Kester
BFME2 Heaven has a new staff member - one who will concentrate on the game modifications part of the site and forums. He's already been very helpful around the forums and is well known to everyone. Please join me in welcoming Blood Phoenix to the staff here!
Forum Party Saturday!
Posted on 5/10/2006 at 6:50 PM by FD2
We'll be having another weekly battle this Saturday, in which we'll only play as evil civs! Considering it's our tenth weekly rendezvous, we'll be doing The Terrible Tens! For more information, you can view the forum party thread
Worldbuilder Tips at BFME2 Official Site
Posted on 5/9/2006 at 10:27 PM by One Dead Angel
APOC (aka Aaron) from Electronic Arts wanted to let everyone know that there is now a bunch of new information on the BFME2 worldbuilder! The latest documents released in this section include basic and advanced tips on scripting and a technical step by step account on how they created the first good mission in The Battle for Middle-earth 2, Rivendell. It really gives you some insight in to their basic map design practices as well. You can check that out in their worldbuilder section at the EA Official BFME2 site.
Tournament Signups - Deadline is Soon!
Posted on 5/9/2006 at 1:08 AM by Kester
If you haven't already signed up to play in our 1v1 Tournament, you've only got a few days left. The deadline is Friday, the 12th! The tournament rules are here, and signups are here. What are you waiting for?! ;-)
Times Set for Modding Lessons
Posted on 5/7/2006 at 11:28 AM by Kester
Blood Phoenix has set the times for his weekly BFME2 modding lessons and discussions. To make it easier for people to join, he has set up two times: Saturdays at 2PM GMT and Sundays at 7PM GMT. If you'd like to know more about modding the game, this would be a great time to start. More information can be found in this thread.
BFME2 Build Orders
Posted on 5/7/2006 at 11:06 AM by Kester
Strategy Central is going strong, with new build orders continually added. Right now the discussion is about Dwarven guardian rushes. If you've tried the guardian rush and have perfected the build order, head on over to Strategy Central to share your ideas!
Forum Party Tomorrow!
Posted on 5/5/2006 at 4:56 PM by FD2
Join us again for another Saturday clashing of orc and elf alike! It will be held at 1:00 PM Forum Time (EDT). For more information, you can view the forum party thread.
BFME2H Fan Art Gallery has a new artist highlight.
Posted on 5/4/2006 at 12:38 AM by Lady Arcola
Battle for Middle Earth 2 Fan Art Gallery has a new artist to highlight. This week's highlight shines on Franey_rules and his picture of Eomer holding Eowyn.
In this picture, one of his first submissions to our Fan Art Gallery, he is able to transport you to that moment when Eomer thought Eowyn was lost.

Franey_rules has several more great pictures in his album. We invite you to stop in the Gallery and check out the great art we are exhibiting.

You can see Franey_rules’s album in our Fan Art Gallery.
Poll Round-up!
Posted on 5/4/2006 at 12:35 AM by Kester
In the first of our 'hero polls' we asked about your favorite hero of the Elven faction. Legolas came out the big winner, even ahead of Thranduil, while Arwen trailed sadly behind.

Here is the breakdown:
Elrond (157)
Arwen (70)
Thranduil (427)
Legolas (609)
Glorfindel (277)
Haldir (179)
Treebeard (137)
votes: 1856

For the new poll we are moving to one of the Forces of Darkness - Mordor. Cast your vote here!
Sauron: The Dark Lord of Middle-Earth (Part 1)
Posted on 5/3/2006 at 8:38 PM by Aeneas2
SuicidalScotsman has written an article on Sauron, focusing on the First Age. The article takes an in depth look at what caused Sauron to side with Morgoth in the First Age, some of the things that Sauron did, as well as many other topics. You can read the article here. Thanks to SuicidalScotsman for writing this article. There will be 2 other parts to the article that will follow later.
EA's Post-Launch Survey
Posted on 5/2/2006 at 7:44 PM by Kester
EA is conducting a survey seeking feedback about BFME2. Head on over now and let them know what you think!
Quest for the One Voice Contest Winners
Posted on 5/2/2006 at 1:47 AM by Kester
We have winners for the contest! Several people correctly guessed how One Dead Angel's voice was used in the game, so their names were put into a hat and two were drawn out. First place winner is MightyFireball and coming in second is Tarquinius! Congratulations and thanks to EA LA for sponsoring it!
X-Play Gives BFME2 4 of out 5
Posted on 5/1/2006 at 11:40 PM by One Dead Angel
G4 TechTV's X-play just did a review of Battle for Middle Earth 2. They gave the game a very respectable 4 out of 5. They recommend it to anyone into Lord of the Rings, or just into the fantasy genre, and says the game is very polished.
Clan War April Results
Posted on 5/1/2006 at 10:59 AM by Bendak
Today, a new month starts, meaning also that April has ended!

Check the clanwar results:

Winner is (again) EAGLE, with runner up NcV with just a couple points difference.

Our own strategist Bendak ended up on the fifth spot with his clan WoA.