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News Archives - December 2008

Merry Christmas, Guys!
Posted on 12/25/2008 at 4:44 AM by EnemyofJupitor

From all of us here at BFME2H, a very Merry Christmas!

Did you know Frodo set out on his quest on the 25th December? Some think there's some very subtle Chritian symbolism there, of the kind Tolkien sneaks in under our noses. It does make sense, though- the Ring was finally chucked into Mount Doom at Easter time. :)

Guide Wars- A New Article, and Nacht Strikes Back
Posted on 12/20/2008 at 12:05 PM by EnemyofJupitor

Dubbed 'Guide Wars', the spate of new guides on the forums continue with seemingly little restraint or control. What's the latest news on this epic struggle?

Catabre has done it again, with an overview of 1.06 Mordor. However, Nacht Jager has got his tally up and running with a Guide to 2.01 MoTW, which divides units, powers and heros by game phase (early, mid, late) and has a look at their uses.

What next? I assure you I look forward to it as much as you! :)

Cat got your tounge?
Posted on 12/19/2008 at 11:01 AM by EnemyofJupitor

Catabre is a very busy chappie at present. His first offering is the Cheap Elf Hero Rush. In it, he details the perfect RotWK elf hero for a rush.

The second thing he's started is to gather interest for a Forum Wide Tournament. If there's enough interest, this could be some good fun- go to the linked thread to register interest.

On an unrelated note, we are now less than a week from Christmas- perfect for getting some more guides and tricks up, yes? If you have something to share, please post it on the forums- we'd love to hear from you :)

Guide to 1.06 Dwarves
Posted on 12/18/2008 at 12:13 PM by EnemyofJupitor

Blatant7 has been writing a guide for our short friends, focusing on the units, heros and their uses. It's not yet complete (Palantir powers are next up), but even so I've managed to pick up a few tricks- it's well worth a look here

This Week in Middle Earth
Posted on 12/16/2008 at 11:06 AM by Sir Hugh
Blatant has created a BFME2H Hamachi network for multiplayer! More details on joining can be found in this thread, including how to join the network.

Replay Reviewer Catabre has written a guide on making great dark heroes, which can be found here.
"The most effective way to supplement your rush as an evil nation if you are playing BFME2+RotWK is to make a troll hero with no powers. It sounds stupid, but as you can see the Positives far outweigh the negatives."

Three new trailers for LotR: Conquest have appeared at French Wraith, Evil Showcase, and a new Developer Diary about the Evil Campaign. Along with the trailers, IGN has featured a Conquest "Progress Report", and TVG has posted a review of their preview gaming experience.

Finally, perhaps the best of all, a new LOTR title has been announced. The Hunt for Gollum is being filmed in the UK by Tokien fans. It is a short, unofficial film that is a prequel to PJ's Trilogy and depicts the events during the racing hunt for Smeagol before the enemy captures him. The composition is going to be freely available for download on the production's website in 2009, when filming ends. More information about the film as well as two trailers and several stills can be found at , as well as its Movie Blog.
The 6th Semi-Annual BFME2H Awards!
Posted on 12/14/2008 at 5:35 AM by EnemyofJupitor

First up, sorry, should have newsied this sooner. But it's here now. ;)

The time has once again come for a Heaven wide popularity contest, where egos are stroked, hearts are broken, and I get nominated for 12 awards and fail to win any of them! Anyhow, without further ado, let me continue!

Taylor has opened up the 6th Awards, with the Discussion and the Nominations up. You haven't got long, so go quickly and nominate who you think is worthy to win! Go!